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vim-searchhi : Highlight the current search result differently

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Highlight the current search result in a different style than the other search results.

This plugin would not have existed without vim-searchant (vimscript #5404). It uses the same basic implementation for highlighting the current search result.

    - Smooth integration with standard search as well as other search-enhancing plugins (e.g. vim-anzu, vim-asterisk (vimscript #5059)).
    - Uses a custom highlight group for the cursor when it's inside a search result.
    - Behaves appropriately in Visual mode.
    - Highlighting is updated predictably when the cursor is moved, as well as when switching buffers and windows. It can also be toggled with custom autocommands.
    - User autocommands are provided and executed when highlighting is turned on and off.

See https://github.com/qxxxb/vim-searchhi for a more details.
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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-searchhi.tar.gz 0.5.3 2019-03-07 8.0 qxxxb Fix bug with asterisk#keeppos
vim-searchhi.tar.gz 0.5.2 2019-02-24 8.0 qxxxb Update g:searchhi_clear_all_asap

- It now clears search highlighting even when the cursor moves within a
  search result
- This deprecates g:searchhi_update_all_asap
- Fix issues with incsearch caused by the `set nohlsearch` hack by
  adding `searchhi-/` and `searchhi-?` maps
vim-searchhi.tar.gz 0.5.1 2019-02-21 8.0 qxxxb Add g:searchhi_clear_all_asap and g:searchhi_update_all_asap
vim-searchhi.tar.gz 0.5 2019-02-18 8.0 qxxxb Add search cursor
vim-searchhi.tar.gz 0.4 2019-02-18 8.0 qxxxb Handle search abort

- Improve visual mode functions
- Handle cursor not moving for convenience mappings
- Update anzu example, fix some bugs relating to it
- Add g:searchhi_update_all_autocmds
vim-searchhi.tar.gz 0.3.1 2019-02-17 7.0 qxxxb Improve vim-anzu example, remove unused variable
vim-searchhi.tar.gz 0.3 2019-02-17 7.0 qxxxb Rewrote everything, now a lot more efficient

- Renamed and removed several options
- Renamed and removed several mappings
- Added mappings for `gd` and `gD`
vim-searchhi.tar.gz 0.2 2019-02-16 7.0 qxxxb Make highlight follow cursor

- Only highlight search result if cursor is over it
- Remove hack for very magic
- Add autocmds for clearing all search highlights
- Add autocmds for updating current search highlight
- Remove unnecessary maps
vim-searchhi.tar.gz 0.1.7 2019-02-16 7.0 qxxxb Make compatible with asterisk#keeppos
vim-searchhi.tar.gz 0.1.6 2019-02-14 7.0 qxxxb Fix small bugs with auto-toggle and very magic
vim-searchhi.tar.gz 0.1.5 2019-02-13 7.0 qxxxb Remove unnecessary handling of cmdwin
vim-searchhi.tar.gz 0.1.4 2019-02-13 7.0 qxxxb Fix prompts appearing from autocmds
vim-searchhi.tar.gz 0.1.3 2019-02-13 7.0 qxxxb Fix errors when searching using 'very magic'
vim-searchhi.tar.gz 0.1.2 2019-02-13 7.0 qxxxb Add g:searchhi_auto_toggle
vim-searchhi.tar.gz 0.1.1 2019-02-13 7.0 qxxxb - Fix issues with command-line window
- Remove .git and tag files
vim-searchhi.zip 0.1 2019-02-12 7.0 qxxxb Initial upload
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