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cvsmenu.vim : Menu for CVS-Versioncontrol

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created by
Thorsten Maerz
script type
Supports most cvs commands and adds som extended functions, e.g.
- Query update (like WinCVS/gCVS)
- Local Status (offline: displays status and version info)
- Clickable/sorted output : easily open conflicting files, etc.
Works on single files as well as on whole directories, when called from fileexplorer.
Includes highlighting / mappings to navigate through cvs output or show conflicts.
install details
Copy to $VIM/plugin directory.
Use "CVS/Settings/Install/Install updates" to checkout and install latest script and documentation

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
cvsmenu.vim 1.77 2001-11-12 6.0 Thorsten Maerz some bugfixes, new keymappings in output window
cvsmenu.vim 1.72 2001-10-02 6.0 Thorsten Maerz :CVS command for direct access
Create patchfiles
JoinIn (add & commit with default message)
improved output handling
cvsmenu.vim 1.58 2001-09-08 6.0 Thorsten Maerz cvs output displayed/remembered in titlebar
show local status (revision, etc.) when opening a file (offline)
diff : restore settings when finished
cvsmenu.vim 1.42 2001-09-01 6.0 Thorsten Maerz improvements:
- local status (works offline)
- less output, (fits in statusline, if success)
- unknown files shown
- revised settings menu
- conflict syntax
cvsmenu.vim 1.37 2001-08-28 6.0 Thorsten Maerz less "AnyKey"-prompts
sorted output (conflicts moved to top,etc.)
cvsmenu.vim 1.31 2001-08-27 6.0 Thorsten Maerz Bugfix:Install updates
cvsmenu.vim 1.30 2001-08-27 6.0 Thorsten Maerz output to statusline (optional)
CVS based installer/updater
conflict highlighting by default
cvsmenu.vim 1.22 2001-08-22 6.0 Thorsten Maerz - added keymappings (there are so little:)
- added LGPL note
cvsmenu.vim 1.19 2001-08-20 6.0 Thorsten Maerz added menus: update to rev, merge changes from branch/between 2 branches
link to online doku/latest rev.,
settings, conflict highlighting
cvsmenu.vim 1.16 2001-08-19 6.0 Thorsten Maerz added "tagging/branching","import","watch","edit","revert changes"
Feel free to send comments, tips, help requests, etc. to info@netztorte.de
cvsmenu.vim 1.14 2001-08-17 6.0 Thorsten Maerz better support for directories/single files
insert CVS keywords
cvsmenu.vim 1.10 2001-08-16 6.0 Thorsten Maerz added "release", "remove", "short status" (list files sorted by status)
major fixes : tempfiles deleted, jump to file ([shift-cr],dblclick) from every output
cvsmenu.vim 1.7 2001-08-13 6.0 Thorsten Maerz added login/out,add,history,global options,new menu structure,...
to get the latest version and documentation
cvsmenu.vim 1.4 2001-08-13 6.0 Thorsten Maerz - Fixes for "checkout" and "queryupdate"
- Continued at CVS repository : (VimTools section)
cvsmenu.vim 1.2 2001-08-12 6.0 Thorsten Maerz Added "commit", "checkout" and "update"
Added settings/info menu
Minor fixes
cvsmenu.vim 1.1 2001-08-12 6.0 Thorsten Maerz Initial upload
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