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stan-vim : Vim plugin for the Stan probabilistic programming language.

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George Ho
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A Vim plugin for the Stan (http://mc-stan.org) probabilistic programming language.

Homepage: https://github.com/eigenfoo/stan-vim

Features include:

  * Syntax highlighting of Stan types, keywords and built-in functions.
  * Automatic indentation consistent the recommended Stan code style.
  * Folding via code indentation.
  * Autocompletion of Stan keywords and functions via the Vim built-in `omnifunc`.
install details
  * For Vundle users, place this in your `.vimrc`:

        Plugin 'eigenfoo/stan-vim'

    then run the following in Vim:

        :source %

  * For Vundle versions < 0.10.2, replace `Plugin` with `Bundle` above.
  * For NeoBundle users, replace `Plugin` with `NeoBundle` above.
  * For VimPlug users, replace `Plugin` with `Plug` above.
  * For Pathogen users, run the following from the terminal:

        cd ~/.vim/bundle
        git clone https://github.com/eigenfoo/stan-vim

  * For manual installation, copy all files into your `~/.vim` directory.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
stan-vim-1.0.0.tar.gz 1.0.0 2019-11-13 8.0 George Ho   * Added autocomplete functionality via Vim's built-in `omnifunc`
  * Improved documentation and added more screenshots
stan-vim-0.2.0.tar.gz 0.2.0 2019-11-11 8.0 George Ho   * Add syntax highlighting for strings
  * Do not highlight numbers or floats if they are in a variable name
  * Add more screenshots to README.md
  * Treat `target` as a Stan keyword, not as a special symbol
  * Insert comment leader character if continuing comment on new line
stan-vim-0.1.0.tar.gz 0.1.0 2019-11-10 8.0 George Ho Initial upload
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