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vim-quickui : The missing UI extensions for Vim 9

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Wei Lin
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Maintainer: skywind3000 (at) gmail.com
Homepage: https://github.com/skywind3000/vim-quickui

There are many keymaps defined in my .vimrc. Getting tired from checking .vimrc time to time when I forget some, based on latest +popup feature (vim 8.2), I created this vim-quickui plugin to introduce some basic ui components to enrich vim's interactive experience:

- Well designed and carefully colored Borland/Turbo C++ flavor ui system combined with vim's productivity.
- Can be accessed by keyboard only while mouse is also supported.
- Navigate with the usual Vim keys like h/j/k/l, confirm with ENTER/SPACE and cancel with ESC/Ctrl+[.
- Pure vim-script, +python is not required.
- No longer have to be afraid to forget keymaps anymore.

For more information, please see the github: https://github.com/skywind3000/vim-quickui
install details
Plug 'skywind3000/vim-quickui'

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-quickui-1.4.6.zip 1.4.6 2024-03-21 9.0 Wei Lin - suppress annoying messages in the cmd line when closing context menu.
- minor improvements
vim-quickui-1.4.5.zip 1.4.5 2024-02-24 8.2 Wei Lin - Fix issues with listbox plugin and add new function for clever input list.
- Adjusted listbox width calculation to consider title length.
- Added minsize calculation for title in listbox creation.
- Fixed default index value in clever_context and clever_listbox functions.
- Added new function quickui#tools#clever_inputlist for handling input lists in a clever way.
vim-quickui-1.4.4.zip 1.4.4 2023-08-18 8.2 Wei Lin - Support context menu entry filetype blacklist.
- Use vim9script to optimize slow routines if possible.
- Introduce g:quickui_buffer_list_cli to set the CLI and flags that used for buffer list.
- Introduce quickui_ctags_opts.
- New `quickui#context#open_nested` api.
- Bind CursorMoved event only to the current buffer.
- Remove unnecessary files.
- Take care of latest nvim compatibilities, like cursorlineopt in floatwin and buffer creation.
- Fixed: menu may crash in some corner cases
- Fixed: string_strip potential issues.
vim-quickui-1.4.2.zip 1.4.2 2021-12-09 8.2 Wei Lin preview: set scrolloff to 0 by default.
new: preview window can accept new option col and line to specify position.
new default color scheme for ansi terminals (8 colors).
fixed: (neovim) preview window can't scroll in neovim.
vim-quickui-1.4.0.zip 1.4.0 2021-11-30 8.2 Wei Lin new input box widget to prompt user to input a string in a TUI popup window, can be used as a drop-in replacement of input() function.
vim-quickui-1.3.0.zip 1.3.0 2021-01-05 8.2 Wei Lin color scheme refactor, fix #35
new: quickui#tools#python_help() api.
new: quickui#menu#clear(section) api.
new: ignore_case option.
resolve function name conflict.
fix: unknow option line.
fix: #23.
vim-quickui-1.2.3.zip 1.2.3 2020-02-14 8.0 Wei Lin new: quickui#context#reduce interface
vim-quickui-1.2.2.zip 1.2.2 2020-02-13 8.0 Wei Lin context menu: new option savepos, set to a name to save/restore last position.
context menu: new option reduce, set to 1 to reduce with filetypes.

vim-quickui-1.2.1.zip 1.2.1 2020-01-22 8.0 Wei Lin new `quickui#tools#preview_tag()` to preview function definition in a popup window.
vim-quickui-1.1.1.zip 1.1.1 2020-01-19 8.0 Wei Lin new preview widget, search command '/' and '?' in listbox, use filetype to dicide menu visibility. performance improvements. supports neovim's floatwin now.
vim-quickui-1.0.1.zip 1.0.1 2019-12-30 8.0 Wei Lin New: multiple menu namespace, switch with quickui#menu#switch(name)
vim-quickui-1.0.zip 1.0.0 2019-12-28 8.0 Wei Lin Initial upload
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