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reedline.vim : Simple Readline/Bash-like shortcuts for command-line mode

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Michael Meyer
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Adds some command-line mode shortcuts which adhere more or less to standard/default key mappings in Bash/GNU Readline.

Default mappings are described below; to get this list in the editor, use `:h reedline-mappings` (individual key combos, like `:h reedline_alt-f`, and category headings used below, like `:h reedline-movement`, will also work).

Report bugs, etc, at https://github.com/entrez/reedline.vim

Default mappings:

<C-a> -- Jump to the start of the current command/line
<C-e> -- Jump to the end of the current command/line
<C-b> -- Move one character left
<C-f> -- Move one character right
<M-b> -- Move one word left
<M-f> -- Move one word right


<C-k> -- Delete everything until end of line
<C-u> -- Delete until start of line
<M-d> -- Delete word
<M-BS> -- Rubout word
<C-w> -- Rubout (optionally, space-delimited) word - see install details re: `g:space_delimited_C_w`
<C-d> -- Delete character
<C-h> -- Rubout character


<M-l> -- Make next word lowercase
<M-u> -- Make next word UPPERCASE
<M-c> -- Make next word Capitalized
<C-y> -- `Yank' (put/paste) last deleted word
<C-t> -- Transpose characters
<M-t> -- Transpose words
<C-p> -- Cycle up through cmd history
<C-n> -- Cycle down through cmd history
<C-j> <C-m> -- Submit current line
<M-=> <M-?> -- Open command completion options/suggestions
install details
Once installed, the variable `g:space_delimited_C_w` may be set to a nonzero value to force C-w to behave like it normally does in Bash (i.e. rubout the word up to the previous space). Otherwise it will act identically to <kbd>Alt</kbd>-<kbd>BkSpace</kbd>, operating on words delimited by any `non-word' character -- as it does by default in Zsh, for instance.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
reedline.tar.gz 1.0.1 2021-03-01 5.7 Michael Meyer Multiple delete operations that happen in quick succession can now be combined for purposes of yanking; see README for details.
reedline.tar.gz 1.0.0 2020-01-17 5.7 Michael Meyer Initial upload
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