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sql_tool_swb : run sql statements using sql workbench/j

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leo du
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This plugin run your SQL statements and show results in a split window.
Works on both Linux and Windows.

Requires SQL Workbench/J (http://www.sql-workbench.net/)

It works with any DBMS supported by SQL Workbench/J (PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, MySQL, SQL Server etc.).
See the complete list here: http://www.sql-workbench.net/databases.html.


use this key sequence to select/change sql connection: \swl

use this mapped key sequence to run sql: \se
In normal mode, this runs the line where cursor is on;
In visual mode, this will run sql that was selected;

Prepend block:
sometimes it is convenient to prepend your sql with some static statment.
It can be done by starting your sql file with a block:  /* PRE: <some statements> */

In addition, a Sql Workbench/j connection profile can also be specified with WbProfile=<profile_name>; on the first line.

below is an example file:
1 /* PRE: WbProfile=ConnProfile1;
2     USE EmployeeDB;
3     WbVarDef EID=250;
4  */
6 Select * From Employees Where EmployeeID=$[EID];
8 Update Employees Set Sal=Sal*1.5 Where EmployeeID=$[EID];
install details
Requirement: Install SQL Workbench/J (http://www.sql-workbench.net/), and have some working connections.

Install:Standard Vimball install, or just unzip and copy the vim script to your plugin folder.

Vim Setup:
Set these two values in _vimrc:

"path to java bin
let g:sqlwbc_java_bin = '/usr/bin/java'
"path to sql workbench/j jar file
let g:sqlwbc_swb_jarfile = '~/sqlworkbench/sqlworkbench.jar'


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package script version date Vim version user release notes
sql_tool_swb-1.3.1.vmb 1.3.1 2020-07-03 7.0 leo du added help file, and optional global config var;
sql_tool_swb-1.3.vmb 1.3 2020-06-26 7.0 leo du added default profile;
sql_tool_swb-1.2.vmb 1.2 2020-05-23 7.0 leo du added profile choice menu; added prepend sql block support;
sql_tool_swb-1.1.vmb 1.1 2020-04-19 7.0 leo du added <leader>swa mapping
sql_tool_swb.vmb 1.0 2020-04-01 7.0 leo du Initial upload
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