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Buffer selector : Buffer Selector - Vim plugin for selecting a buffer to edit using a popup menu

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Yegappan Lakshmanan
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The Buffer Selector plugin provides an easy access to jump to a buffer from the Vim buffer list.

This plugin needs Vim 8.2 and above and will work on all the platforms where Vim is supported. This plugin will work in both terminal and GUI Vim.

The Github repository for the Buffer Selector plugin is available at:


The command :Bufselect opens a popup menu with a list of names of buffers in the Vim buffer list (|:buffers|). When you press on a buffer name, the buffer is opened. If the selected buffer is already opened in a window, the cursor will move to that window. If the buffer it not present in any of the windows, then the selected buffer will be opened in the current window. You can use the up and down arrow keys to move the currently selected entry in the popup menu.

In the popup menu, you can type a series of characters to narrow down the list of displayed buffer names. The characters entered so far is displayed in the popup menu title. You can press backspace to erase the previously entered set of characters. The popup menu displays all the buffer names containing the series of typed characters.

You can close the popup menu by pressing the escape key or by pressing CTRL-C.

In the popup menu, the complete directory path to a buffer is displayed in parenthesis after the buffer name. If this is too long, then the path is shortened and an abbreviated path is displayed.
install details
You can install this plugin either using the bufselect.zip file or by cloning the repository from Github.

To install using the bufselect.zip file:

    Download the bufselect.zip file and extract the files into the ~/.vim/pack/downloads/opt or the %HOMEPATH%\vimfiles\pack\downloads\opt directory.

To install from Github:

    For Linux, MacOS and other Unix-like systems:

        $ mkdir -p ~/.vim/pack/downloads/opt
        $ cd ~/.vim/pack/downloads/opt
        $ git clone https://github.com/yegappan/bufselect

    For MS-Windows:

        C:\> mkdir %HOMEPATH%\vimfiles\pack\downloads\opt
        C:\> cd %HOMEPATH%\vimfiles\pack\downloads\opt
        C:\> git clone https://github.com/yegappan/bufselect

To load the plugin, add the following command to the ~/.vimrc file:

    packadd bufselect

To uninstall the plugin, remove the $HOME/.vim/pack/downloads/opt/bufselect directory.

To create the help tags for the plugin help file, run the following command from Vim:

    :helptags ~/.vim/pack/downloads/opt/bufselect/doc

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bufselect.zip 1.0 2020-05-15 8.0 Yegappan Lakshmanan Initial upload
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