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jobs.vim : Run system commands in background.

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created by
Javier Puigdevall
script type
Tool to be used on other plugins to launch system commands in background.

Includes several commands to check the commands in progress (Jobsl).

Stop all commands in background (Jobska)

Choose wich commands in background to stop (Jobsk)

Showw all commands in background related to current vim window (Jobshw)

Showw all commands history (Jobshy)

Use :Jobsh to show command help.

   function! svnTools#Blame()
      let file = expand("%")
      let name = expand("%:t")
      let pos = line('.')
      let ext = s:GetSyntax()

      let command  = "svn blame -v ".l:file
      let callback = "svnTools#SvnBlameEnd(\"".l:pos."\",\"".l:ext."\",\"".l:name."\","
      let l:async = 1

      call jobs#RunCmd(a:command, a:callback, l:async, "svn")

   function! svnTools#SvnBlameEnd(pos,ext,name,resfile)
      if exists('a:resfile') && !empty(glob(a:resfile))
         " Process the svn blame file
         echo "ERROR. Svn blame empty"

install details
Minimum version: Vim 8.0+

Simplest method:
- Just unzip to your .vim folder.

Plugin manager:
- Either vim-pathogen or Vundle are recommended.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
jobs_0.1.1.vmb 0.1.1 2021-05-28 7.0 Javier Puigdevall - New: hide passwords, prevent showing command passwords on the command line, instead replace the password with * characters.                                                                                                                                                    
  Use option: g:jobs_hidePsswd to dissable it password hidding.
jobs.tar.gz 0.0..1 2020-06-22 8.0 Javier Puigdevall Initial upload
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