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jcallers.vim : grep calls to function under the cursor

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created by
ivan wellesz
script type
Grep every calls to the function under the cursor with your grepprg.
...closely organized like jreplace script is .. @see Vim wiki

1 - Starts with a :normal mA  .. AS A GLOBAL MARK [A] .. you can jump back to as a return point.

2 - The resulting list will be inserted as a multi-line comment in the current buffer .. you can undo at will:
        /* CALLERS::
        src/file.js:485      caller_f:493:     callee_f(args);
        src/file.java:485  caller_f:493:     callee_f(args);
3 - Let you navigate the grep quickfix resulting list.

- Currently tuned up to catch .js and .java calling function def lines into the list third field.
- And you will figure out how to get more by adjusting the F_callers:fdef pattern.

- USES [A global mark] as a call return point
...(there are 2 calls to [A mark] you can adjust to use another mark :normal mA and :normal 'A

- USES [b register] to store the resulting multi-line-comment
...(so as you can undo the insertion .. but keep the results handy)
...(there are 3 setreg(b) calls you can adjust to use another register

- USES [q register] to store the generated :grep call
...(so you can use @q to edit and call it yourself later)
...( :nnoremap Q   @q .. may help )
install details
- put the file where you put your other scripts (it has no dependency)
- then map something to source it.
...mine is:
:nnoremap <esc><c-s-down>   :so ~/VIM/scripts/jcallers.vim<cr><cr>


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package script version date Vim version user release notes
jcallers.vim 210430 2021-04-30 7.0 ivan wellesz 1. Added egrep flavor dependent code comments:
...so you can select regex that works for you.
2. Inserted callee search pattern within results:
...so you have an idea about why those results.
jcallers.vim 210320 2021-03-20 7.0 ivan wellesz ...added [declared caller function] look-behind pattern (i.e. no var,let or const)
jcallers.vim 200830 2020-08-30 7.0 ivan wellesz Previous version sends untouched vim [*] search pattern to egrep... BUT:
...regex escaping may be required .. depending on egrep flavors.
Please report about what you had to do at lines 65-66 to make it work for you...
jcallers.vim 200805 2020-08-05 7.0 ivan wellesz previous version issue corrected .. first quickfix list entry was missed
jcallers.vim 200731 2020-07-31 7.0 ivan wellesz Added protected access modifier to catch java caller's def-line
jcallers.vim 200729 2020-07-30 7.0 ivan wellesz - Some comments added near script lines that could be worth tuning
...(so you can adjust to your liking)

- Commented-out [word boundaries removal] from the searched function pattern
..(so as to look for the EXACT word-under-the-cursor)
jcallers.vim 200728 2020-07-29 7.0 ivan wellesz Initial upload
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