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viMTG : The VIM 'Magic: The Gathering' deck builder

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Github: https://github.com/yoshi1123/vim-mtg

    Preview cards completely inside Vim <Enter>
    display your deck's stats <localleader>p (manacost, mana curve, legalities, and more)
    Format deck into sections <localleader>p
    Easily move cards to different sections gm, gs, go (Main, Sideboard, Other)
    Search for cards <localleader>s
    Add searched cards to deck a, s, o (Main, Sideboard, Other)
    Select sort order for search <localleader>o
    Limit Search to a format <localleader>f
    Import decks by copying and pasting universal MTG deck export format

    :help vim-mtg

Getting started:

    1. Type in cards lines in the format '4 Ancient Den', or '<localleader>a'
    2. :MTGSearch type:artifact
    3. Use 'a' to add the current card in search buffer to the deck, 's' to add to sideboard, and 'o' to add to other, with an optional COUNT (e.g., 4a adds four of the currently selected card)
    4. Use'<localleader>p' to process the deck
install details
Use your plugin manager of choice. On Windows, replace the directory ~/.vim with ~/vimfiles.


    Unzip to ~/.vim/pack/bundle/start/


    Vim Packages
        git clone --recursive https://github.com/yoshi1123/vim-mtg ~/.vim/pack/bundle/start/vim-mtg
        Run :helptags ~/.vim/pack/bundle/start/vim-mtg/doc
        git clone --reursive https://github.com/yoshi1123/vim-mtg ~/.vim/bundle/vim-mtg
        Add Bundle 'https://github.com/yoshi1123/vim-mtg' to .vimrc
        Run :BundleInstall
        Add NeoBundle 'https://github.com/yoshi1123/vim-mtg' to .vimrc
        Run :NeoBundleInstall
        Add Plug 'https://github.com/yoshi1123/vim-mtg' to .vimrc
        Run :PlugInstall

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