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Zeef : Interactively filter a list of items

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Zeef is a 100% Vim script. minimalist, pure autoload, dynamic interactive filter for a list of items. Think of it as a wise man's CtrlP. It is used by invoking zeef#open(). Zeef does not define any command or mapping. The arguments of the function are:

1. A list of items;
2. The name of a callback function;
3. The text for the command line prompt.

Try it:

fun Callback(result)
  echo a:result
call zeef#open(['Jan', 'Jun', 'Jul'], 'Callback', 'Choose')

Start typing to filter the list. Press Enter to invoke the callback with the selected item(s) (multiple selections are possible—see below). Press Esc to cancel. The following is the complete list of keys you can use when the Zeef buffer is open (these can be customized with g:zeef_keymap):

CTRL-K or up arrow: move up one line;
CTRL-J or down arrow: move down one line;
left and right arrows: scroll horizontally;
CTRL-B, CTRL-F, CTRL-D, CTRL-U, CTRL-E, CTRL-Y: usual movements;
CTRL-L: clear the prompt;
CTRL-Z: select/deselect the current line;
Esc: close Zeef without performing any action;
Enter: accept the current choice;
CTRL-S, CTRL-V, CTRL-T: like Enter, but also open a split, vertical split or tab.

How does Zeef differ from the several similar plugins already out there, you ask? The implementation is likely *the simplest possible*: as you type, :global is used to remove the lines that do not match what you are typing. When you press backspace, :undo is used to restore the previous state. Yes, the core of this plugin is based on just those two Vim commands. It works surprisingly well, unless your list is huge (hundreds of thousands of lines).

What can you do with Zeef? Whatever you want! Zeef is not bloated with features that you will never use: it is for people who wish to implement their own functionality with minimal help. That said, Zeef does come with a few "sample applications":

- a buffer switcher;
- a path filter;
- a quickfix/location list filter;
- a color scheme selector;
- a buffer tag chooser.

Use the source code as the authoritative reference. It's not that complicated. And don't forget to read the full (albeit short) documentation: see :help zeef.txt.

Ah, before you ask: the answer is no. Zeef does not perform fuzzy search, approximate search, match rankings, or other esoteric stuff. All that is out of the scope of this project. Those are features that are well covered by other plugins, after all.
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mkdir -p ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start
git clone https://github.com/lifepillar/vim-zeef.git ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start/zeef

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