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vim-highlighter : Highlight words and expressions

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Highlighting keywords or lines can be useful when analyzing code, reviewing summaries, and
quickly comparing spellings. This plugin extends Vim's highlighting capabilities with additional
features such as jump to highlights, saving and loading, finding patterns, and customizing colors.


    * Easy highlighting words under the cursor or pattern
    * Jump to Highlights
    * Save & Load Highlights
    * One Time Highlight
    * Find in Files Highlight
    * Customizing Colors




    :h  Highlighter

install details
If you already have a plugin manager, it will be handy to use it.

To install the plugin from the downloaded archive using Vim 8 native pack feature, it may be
convenient to run the following commands using copy and paste from the downloaded location.

(Linux, Mac)
    mkdir -p "$PLUG"
    unzip -o -d "$PLUG"  vim-highlighter.zip
    vim -u NONE -c "helptags $PLUG/vim-highlighter/doc" -c q

      set PLUG="%USERPROFILE%/vimfiles/pack/azabiong/start"
      mkdir %PLUG%
      unzip -o -d %PLUG%  vim-highlighter.zip
      vim -u NONE -c "helptags %PLUG%/vim-highlighter/doc" -c q

  In your vimrc:
       set  encoding=utf-8    " recommended for correct Unicode characters output


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script versions (upload new version)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-highlighter.zip 1.54 2022-11-12 8.2 Azabiong Support 'HiErase' for "Hi+ \%line" command (issue #16)
  :h %l
vim-highlighter.zip 1.52 2022-08-26 8.2 Azabiong Improve "Find" window rotation, view  
Add HiList() function
vim-highlighter.zip 1.50.2 2022-05-25 8.2 Azabiong Support jump to highlights
  :h  Hi-jump
vim-highlighter.zip 1.38 2022-03-17 8.2 Azabiong Add highlighting using expression  
  :Hi + pattern
vim-highlighter.zip 1.37 2022-02-14 8.2 Azabiong Add 'HiCursorGuide' option to easily find cursor in 'Find' mode  
Improve "save" command backup
vim-highlighter.zip 1.28 2021-08-27 8.0 Azabiong Add command mode <Tab> key completion
- grep long options, directory and file names
vim-highlighter.zip 1.27 2021-08-03 8.0 Azabiong Fix - incorrect window resizing, default options for grep, --smart-case matching  
Add command - clear highlights of Find list
vim-highlighter.zip 1.25 2021-07-28 8.0 Azabiong Add commands - save, load highlights  
Improve "Find" window split location
vim-highlighter.zip 1.20 2021-07-17 8.0 Azabiong Add "Sync Mode"  
Improve grep output list
vim-highlighter.zip 1.18 2021-07-05 8.0 Azabiong Support multiple -e --regexp option
Highlight line (visual mode)
vim-highlighter.zip 1.0 2021-05-08 8.0 Azabiong Initial upload
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