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Minimd : A fast, folding Markdown outliner.

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J. B.
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Minimd is a small plugin for writing long Markdown documents in Vim. It is mostly a simple implementation of the header visibility cycling idea from Org Mode (and Outline Mode before that) for Emacs, which makes it easy to keep track of the contents of long documents by displaying outlines based on the headlines in those documents. Its main features are

- Fast section folding, even for very long documents;
- Display of unfolded headers as outlines of their contents;
- A header motion command that ignores code blocks (so doesn't mistake # comments for headers);
- Basic task management with checkbox toggling, along with ACTV, TODO, WAIT, CNCL, and DONE keywords;
- A fast word count function in the status line, set to update only when toggling between insert and normal modes.

Usage is simple: <Space> folds and unfolds individual headers while [count]<Space> (i. e. "1" followed by spacebar) folds all headers at level [count].  When unfolding a specific header with level n, contained headers with level n+1 are folded, providing an outline of the unfolded header's contents.  Jumping to the next header can be done with <Tab> or ]h, and to the previous with <Shift-Tab> or [h; prefixing either movement with [count] jumps to the next header of level [count] in the given direction.
install details
Just copy the vim-minimd directory to ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start.

The included syntax file only specifies headers, code blocks, and task management entities.  If you would like to use Minimd with Vim's default syntax (which will be around 3x slower in my experience), `let g:default_markdown_syntax = 1` in your `vimrc`.

This plugin is developed at https://github.com/shushcat/vim-minimd, so the most recent version will appear there; only versions with significant bug fixes or changes to functionality will be posted here.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
minimd.tar.gz 1.2 2021-07-30 7.0 J. B. Allow using default Markdown syntax.  Jump to headers of specified number.
minimd.tar.gz 1.1 2021-06-26 7.0 J. B. Allows unfolding at the location of a search inside a folded region.
minimd.tar.gz 1.0 2021-06-13 7.0 J. B. Initial upload
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