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vim-fzy : Navigate projects using fzy in a (popup) terminal-window

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Quickly navigate to files under a directory, jump to lines matching a pattern using grep, open buffers, tags generated by ctags, Vim's help tags, old files, and file marks using the fuzzy-searcher fzy [https://github.com/jhawthorn/fzy].

The terminal buffer can be displayed in a normal terminal window at the bottom of the screen or in a popup window.


    - Vim >= 8.1.1828 (>= 8.2.0204 for popup terminal)
    - fzy [https://github.com/jhawthorn/fzy]
    - cut(1) (for the :FzyHelp command)
    - find(1) or similar (for the :FzyFind command)
    - grep(1) or similar (for the :FzyGrep command)


    :FzyFind [dir] -- Find files in [dir], edit selected file in the current window.
    :FzyGrep {args} -- Grep lines using pattern {args}, jump to selected location in the current window.
    :FzyBuffer -- List buffers, edit selected buffer in the current window.
    :FzyArgs -- List global arglist, edit selected file in the current window.
    :FzyLargs -- List local arglist, edit selected file in the current window.
    :FzyOldfiles -- List most recently used files, edit selected file in current window.
    :FzyTjump -- List tags, jump to selected tag in the current window.
    :FzyMarks -- List marks, jump to the selected mark in the current window.
    :FzyHelp -- List help tags, open help page with the selected tag in a new split.

Each command has a related command that opens the selected item in a new split, like :FzyBufferSplit. These commands accept a command modifier. For example, to open a buffer in a new vertical split, run :vert FzyBufferSplit, :tab FzyBufferSplit will open the selected buffer in a new tab. For a full list of supported command modifiers, see :help fzy-commands-split.

Custom commands:

Internally, all above commands call the fzy#start() function to pass the items to fzy in a terminal window. The function is thoroughly documented in :help fzy-api. Examples on how to write your own commands that invoke fzy can be found in :help fzy-api-examples.

install details
Run the following in the terminal:

    cd ~/.vim/pack/git-plugins/start
    git clone https://github.com/bfrg/vim-fzy
    vim -u NONE -c 'helptags vim-fzy/doc | quit'

Note: The directory name git-plugins is arbitrary, you can pick any other name. For more details see :help packages.

Alternatively, use your favorite plugin manager.

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