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YANP : Notetaking plugin with recurring topics structure and customisable syntax.

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boson joe
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Long story short, here are the main features of this plugin that may distinguish it from the others:

Recursive structure. Every topic is represented with its own directory within recursive structure of subdirectories. YANP handles creation of files and directories, maintains this structure as well as provides simple user interface for defining links to different files.

Customizable syntax plugin. YANP doesn't handle syntax by itself - thus you can choose any markup syntax (like Markdown, HTML, etc) you want to define links between files, provided you have a plugin that utilizes YANP API. By default, YANP works with MarkdowneyJr Markdown formatting plugin. The list plugins know to integrate YANP can be found here.

API for syntax formatting plugins. YANP delegates syntax formatting (like replacing selected text with a link to a desired file) to other plugins while providing a clear API that allows maintaining a unified structure of notes. Definition of exact paths to files and its creation is done by YANP, syntax plugin is only responsible for replacing a text with a link. Documentation for the API is provided to make syntax plugin integration easier.

Links. Links are everywhere. Defined with a single keystroke.

Customization. You can change quite a lot of stuff, starting from names of index files and default contents of created files, till how the path for different types of files will look like.

Fast access to last created files, last visited index files, today's fast notes, and other supplementary, but useful features.

Please refer to the plugin's repo to find a detailed wiki - https://github.com/boson-joe/YANP

install details
THIS PLUGIN REQUIRES an additional syntax plugin installation. You can install markdowneyJr, or other plugin that supports YANP. See these pages below for more information:

markdowneyJr plugin - https://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=5974
full installation guide - https://github.com/boson-joe/YANP/wiki/YANP-Installation-Guide.

You can install the plugin by simply putting the files of the plugin in `plugin/` directory in your `.vim/` directory. One of the commands that could be used is `wget`. Type this in your terminal:

> wget https://github.com/boson-joe/YANP/blob/master/plugin/yanp.vim

To have documentation, do the same with files in `doc/` directory - you need to put them into `doc/` directory in your `.vim/` directory.

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yanp.tar.xz 1.0.0 2021-09-27 8.2 boson joe v1.0.0, with documentation and license.
yanp.vim 1.0.0 2021-09-27 8.2 boson joe Initial upload
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