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MarksConfig : Save/restore marks. Unlimited marks. Dump marks to quickfix or window.

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created by
Javier Puigdevall
script type
Allows to have unlimited marks by making use of the vim signs (aka here as unnamed marks).

Allows to save and restore the marks/signs.

I use it mainly to mark lines (:Mkm) on large logs to navigate the log (:Mkn/:Mkp) and to show on a separed window (Mkw) or quickfix window (:Mkq) the lines choosen.

Very handy to save your marks to a config file (:Mksv) to restore (:Mka) them later or save your marks on the file itself as a config line on the bottom of the file (:Mks).

In case the file's highlighted using hi.vim plugin (https://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=5887), the highlighting configuration is also aplied to the marks when opening them on a new window (:Mkw) or quickfix window .(:Mkq)

Abridged command help:

Config line commands:
Mks        : save current file marks as config line on first line of the file
Mky        : yank to default buffer a config line with all marks
Mkp        : paste current marks as config line

Config file commands:
Mksv [NUM] : save current marks on config file
              Use NUM:empty to choose file on menu
              Use NUM:1 to save on marks on current opened file directory.
              Use NUM:2 to save on marks on current working directory.

Mka        : load marks' config from config line or config files
              First try finding a config line on current file.
              Next try finding a config file on file's directory.
              Next try finding a config file on current working directory.

Dump marks to quickfix/buffer:
Mkq  [OPT] : show current file marks on quickfix window, sorted by line number
MkQ  [OPT] : show current file marks on quickfix window, sorted by line number,
                       show header and marks/signs names.
Mkqo [OPT] : show current file marks on quickfix window, user to set all the options
Mkw  [OPT] : show current file marks on new window, sorted by line number
MkW  [OPT] : show current file marks on new window, sorted by line number,
                       show header, line numbers and marks/signs names.
Mkwo [OPT] : show current file marks on new window, user to set all the options
* Use OPT help to display all options.

Sings AKA unnamed marks:
Mkm        : add or delete (if already exists) a sign on th selected lines
Mkma       : add sign on the selected lines
Mkmd       : delete sign on the selected lines
MkmD       : delete all signs

Move to mark or sign:
Mkn        : move to next mark (either named or unnamed)
Mkp        : move to previous marks (either named or unnamed)

Mkh        : show command help



Config line with marks a and b on lines 10 and 25:

Config line with marks a and b on lines 10, 25 and signs on 123, 124:

Show user options and current configuration:
:Mkq help
:MkQ help
:Mkqo help
:Mkw help
:MkW help
:Mkwo help
install details
Minimum version: Vim 7.0+
Recomended version: Vim 8.0+

Install vimball:
download marksConfig.vmb
vim marksConfig.vmb
:so %

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
marksConfig_0.1.1.vmb 0.1.1 2021-10-15 7.0 Javier Puigdevall - New: complete refactoring of function OpenInWindow.
- New: allow to add user options on commands: Mkw, MkW, MkQ and Mkq.
- New: commands Mkqo and Mkwo for user to set all options.
- New: option 'help', to show the available options on OpenInWindow function.
- New: option T, for OpenInWindow function's to preserve line indentation on
  quickfix window when the marks/sings names are not displayed.
- New global variables to configure sign's character and highlight:
  g:MarksConfig_signCharacater and g:MarksConfig_signHighlight.
marksConfig_0.1.0.vmb 0.1.0 2021-10-05 7.0 Javier Puigdevall - New unnamed marks concept usign vim signs, unnamed marks only exist on the plugin.
  They allow to extend marks behind the 25 letters allowed from vim Marks.
- New Mkm, Mkma and Mkmd, MkmD to add/delete unnamed marks.
- New Mkn and Mkp to navigate the marks, goto line previous/next
- Link with hi.vim plugin, allow to colorize the buffer window containing all marks
  Apply the colors on the main window to the split with marks opened with Mkw
- Set config line default position at end of the file.
marksConfig_0.0.1.vmb 0.0.1 2021-09-30 7.0 Javier Puigdevall Initial upload
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