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vim-board : Easy notes and shortcuts

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This plugin introduces a file type "board" where you can easily write notes, and define shortcuts
to directories, files, and various commands.


    After assigning a "Key" to the plugin, you can take quick notes on the board at any time
    while editing using:

          Key Enter

    and to return:

          Key Esc


    You can easily define shortcuts to directories, files, and commands on the board using simple
    key-value pairs. For example:

          /t  ~/Documents/Terms/
          v   ~/.vimrc

    Immediately after saving, you can use the following key sequences to change the current
    working directory, and open the file:

          Key  /t
          Key  v



    :h  vim-board

install details
To install the plugin from the downloaded archive using Vim's built-in package feature, it may be
convenient to run the following commands using copy and paste from the downloaded location.

(Linux, Mac)
    mkdir -p "$PLUG"
    unzip -o -d "$PLUG"  vim-board.zip
    vim -u NONE -c "helptags $PLUG/vim-board/doc" -c q

      set PLUG="%USERPROFILE%/vimfiles/pack/azabiong/start"
      mkdir %PLUG%
      unzip -o -d %PLUG%  vim-board.zip
      vim -u NONE -c "helptags %PLUG%/vim-board/doc" -c q


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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-board.zip 1.18 2023-01-18 8.2 Azabiong Add 'unload links' menu key '>>'
  :h  Board-Menu
vim-board.zip 1.17 2023-01-06 8.2 Azabiong Add indent function
vim-board.zip 1.16 2022-12-24 8.2 Azabiong Add default color set  
  dark, light
vim-board.zip 1.12 2022-12-22 8.2 Azabiong Add syntax type '?!'  
Support inline comment
vim-board.zip 1.06 2022-04-07 8.2 Azabiong Add sync terminal current working directory
  :h  BoardTermCd
vim-board.zip 1.0 2022-04-03 8.2 Azabiong Version 1.0
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