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MarkX : Places signs in the margin to indicate where marks are, (auto-)sel. & del marks,

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Richard Bentley-Green
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The primary function of MarkX is to place signs in the left margin (in the signs margin, oddly enough) to indicate where marks are placed, and keep them updated (something that existing solutions to this problem - at least the ones that I tried - don't seem to do very well, which is why I wrote MarkX in the first place).

MarkX also provides some extra functionality to help with marks; the most significant being that it can auto-select a free mark for you (so you don't have to remember which marks are free) and place it for you.

There are quite a few configuration options that control exactly how MarkX behaves - I strongly suggest you read the README file so you can configure MarkX to get the best out of it.

NOTE: I really have no idea what the minimum vim version requirement is to run MarkX and I don't know of a practical way of finding out (I've only used it on v8.2). The best I can suggest is to try it; it will probably work and if it doesn't then let me know and I'll see if I can sort it

*** If you have any suggestions for improving this, then please let me know. If you think it's rubbish then PLEASE let me know why - it's far more useful than just 'voting it down' (which really doesn't help at all). Contact details are in the top of the README file ***
install details
Just un-tar into ~/.vim/bundle/ as usual and read the README file for config options

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
markx.tar.gz 22/03/2023 2023-03-22 7.0 Richard Bentley-Green Typo correction in docs for mapping 'm'
markx.tar.gz 06/03/2023 2023-03-07 7.0 Richard Bentley-Green - Suppress auto-scan/refresh if the current buffer is the 'Command Line' (ref. `q:`). Trying to scan in this case causes an error to be output.
- Trivial typo correction to documentation (not important)
markx.tar.gz 08/05/2022 2022-05-09 7.0 Richard Bentley-Green - Added protection against an error that can occur if '&secure' is set. I don't really understand this, but the fix seems to address the problem. I saw the issue when using the vim-abolish plugin by Tim Pope. To reproduce the error, when over a word, press 'cr' and then wait until the 'CursorHold' event kicks in, which causes markx#RefreshAll() to execute. It's at this point that the error manifests itself.
markx.tar.gz 16/04/2022 2022-04-16 7.0 Richard Bentley-Green - Corrected help filename - was .doc, should be .txt - oops!
markx.tar.gz 10/04/2022 2022-04-11 7.2 Richard Bentley-Green - Added `<leader>m@` mapping to toggle displaying of signs for ALL marks
- Corrected a number of comparisons which should be case-sensitive but may not be in some vim configurations
- Corrected some configuration setting names - oops!
markx.tar.gz 30/03/22 2022-04-08 7.2 Richard Bentley-Green Initial upload
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