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gitTools : Set of tools to perform git commands.

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created by
Javier Puigdevall
script type
Allows to launch several git commands from within vim.

This is a port of plugin svnTools, modified to use git instead of svn.

Use :Gith to show the command help.

Abridged command help:

- Info:
    :Giti                 : get current revision info.

- Blame:
    :Gitbl                : get blame of current file.

- Status:
    :Gitst                : show file's status (conceal symbols: X and ?).
    :Gitsta               : show status files (show all symbols).
    :Gitstf               : show current file status.
    :Gitstd               : show current directory status.
    :Gitsth               : show the git status symbols' help.

- Log:
    :Gitl [NUM]           : get subversion log (num. commits, defaults to 3000).
    :Gitls PATTERN [NUM]  : log search pattern (num. commits, defaults to 3000).

- Diff:
      :Gitd PATH          : get diff of changes on the selected path.
      :Gitdf              : get diff of changes on current file.
      :Gitdd              : get diff of changes on current file's directory.
      :Gitda              : get diff of (all) changes on current workind directory.
    Advanced: allows to filter files and binaries.
      :GitD PATH [FLAGS]  : get diff of changes on selected path.
      :GitDD [FLAGS]      : get diff of changes on current file's directory.
      :GitDA [FLAGS]      : get diff of (all) changes on workind directory.
    Gitdvdr              : when placed on a git log and diff file (after Gitr/Gitdd/Gitdf/Gitda)
                           get each file changes vimdiff.

- Vimdiff:
      :Gitvdf             : get vimdiff of current file changes.
      :Gitvd PATH         : get vimdiff of (all) changes on working dir.
      :Gitvdd             : get vimdiff of current file's directory changes.
      :Gitvda             : get vimdiff of (all) files with changes on working dir.
    Advanced: allows to filter files and binaries.
      :GitvD PATH [FLAGS] : get vimdiff of the files with changes on the selected path.
      :GitvDD [FLAGS]     : get vimdiff of the files with changes on current file's directory.
      :GitvDA [FLAGS]     : get vimdiff of the files with changes on working directory.
      B:  show binaries.
      NB: skip binaries (default).
      EQ: show equal (default).
      NEQ: skip equal.
      +pattern (keep only files with pattern).
      -pattern (skip all files with pattern).
    Gitvdr REV           : get revision log and open the selected revision changes with vimdiff.

- Revision:
    :Gitr REV             : get diff of selected revision number.
    :Gitsh REV            : show the file on the requested revision number

PENDING: port of reselve and merge commands from svnTools.vim.
install details
Minimum version: Vim 7.0+
Recomended version: Vim 8.0+

Install vimball:
download gitTools_0.0.3.vmb
vim gitTools_0.0.3.vmb
:so %

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
gitTools_0.0.6.vmb 0.0.6 2022-10-27 7.0 Javier Puigdevall - New: highlight command help window.
- New: branch delete command Gitbd.
- New: remote branch push command Gitpush.
- New: remote branch delete command Gitpushd.
- New: remote branch pull command Gitpull.
- New: command Gitreme to edit saved remote branches.
gitTools_0.0.5.vmb 0.0.5 2022-10-20 7.0 Javier Puigdevall - Fix: Gitvda, get current branch error.
- New: after commit ask user if merge files should be removed.
- New: command Gitmrm to delete the temporary files (REMOTE, LOCAL, BACKUP)
  from previous merge.
- New: for commands Gitm, Gitd and Gitvd, use git diff to get unmerged or modified
  files instead of git status.
- Fix: issue on merge command Gitm, error opening layout 3A.
- New: command Gitsthmv to move staged changes to stash.
- New: command Gitsthcp to copy staged changes to stash and keep local copy.
- New: command Gitstha to apply changes from stash.
- New: command Gitsthd to delete apply changes from stash.
- Change: rename Gitsh command to Gitsth.
- New: command Gitsw to perform git switch.
- Change: rename command Gita (show branches) to Gitb.
gitTools_0.0.4.vmb 0.0.4 2022-09-26 7.0 Javier Puigdevall - New: on commands Gitda, Gitdf..., add date, hour and branch name to the generated diff file name.
- Fix: commands Gitm, Gitmf, Gitmp used to merge conlicts. Allowed layouts: 1, 2, 3, 4.
- New: command GitcmA to ammend previous commit
- New: command Gitcma to commit all changed files already tracked skipping stage area.
- New: command GitlS to display log changing string.
- New: command Gitla to display log from author.
- New: command Gitrl to display reference log.
- New: command Gitlg to display log graph. Add color highligting with hi.vim plugin.
- Fix: on Gitsh, prevent showing diff path with a/ and b/ prefixes.
- Fix: on Gitr, prevent showing diff path with a/ and b/ prefixes.
- New: on Gitsh display both git list and git list --stat. Add color highlighting.
gitTools_0.0.3.vmb 0.0.3 2022-07-29 7.0 Javier Puigdevall - New: stash command Gitsh [STASH_NUM]
- Fix: perform Gitst on foreground, no need of Jobs.vim.
- New: Gitcm [FILE/DESC] command.
  Launch without arguments to open commit message on first launch, then commit on
  second launch.
- New: Gitds command to show diff with all staged chages.
- New: when callign Gitsta, if current buffer already shows a git status,
  refresh it, do not ask user to open a new window/tab.
gitTools_0.0.2.vmb 0.0.2 2022-07-08 7.0 Javier Puigdevall - New: Gitvdf, do not open new tab when asking for vimdiff of current file.
- Fix: Gitvdf always shows file is not modified.
- New: remove from disk command GitRM.
- New: git move command Gitmv.
- New: remove from disk command Gitrm.
- New: git restore command Gitr.
- New: git unstage command Gitu.
- New: git add command Gita.
- Fix: call again ChooseBranchMenu(), when no branch choosen.
- New: Gitm (git merge) command to show on vimdiff the files with conflicts.
- Fix: Gitvd... and GitVD... commands not showing merge issues.
gitTools_0.0.1.vmb 0.0.1 2022-04-19 7.0 Javier Puigdevall Initial upload
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