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SwitchColor : Lets you switch colorschemes easily, and make vim remember your choice.

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created by
Tommy Bollman
script type
SwitchColor loops you though color schemes by hotkey,
and makes Vim remember your choice.

Enables organizing your colorschemes into themes if you make
symbolic links to color schemes files in dedicated folders,
and edit a ready boilerplate function in the plugin.

Author: Tommy Bollman  (tommy.bollman AT gmail DOT com)
For Vim version 7.0 and above Last change: May 3, 2022

Vim License.  

install details
* Drop/copy the plugin SwitchColor.vim into your  plugins
folder in your ~/.vim or $HOME/vimfiles folder.

* Drop/copy the help file SwitchColor.txt into you doc
folder  in your ~/.vim or $HOME/vimfiles folder.

* Fire up vim and run the command :helptags ~/.vim/doc or
:helptags c:\Vimfiles\doc You should now be able to see
the help document by writing |:help SwitchColor|

* Having seen you can get up the help, with the
configuration information, its
* time to play with the  hotkeys. You may want to change


*  opt/alt 5/6 goes back/forward in your colorschemes, loopwise.

* opt/alt c runs: |:colorschemes <Tab>| to let you easily cherrypick.

*  opt/alt g prints the name of the current colorscheme.

* Try exiting and starting vim again, and control that your
last choosen colorscheme is active. On the rare occasion
that it isn`t, read about |g:SC_dotfilename| in
SwitchColor.txt (:h SwitchColor)


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package script version date Vim version user release notes
SwitchColor.tar.gz 0.0.7 2022-05-06 7.0 Tommy Bollman Improved keybindings thanks to CoolioDood @ Reditt.
Hopefully correct retrivial of color files on MS Windows.
Rebuilt plugin for lazy load.
Really improved the helpfile.

SwitchColor.tar.gz 0.0.5 2022-05-05 7.0 Tommy Bollman Removed reintroduced typo.
SwitchColor.tar.gz 0.0.4 2022-05-05 7.0 Tommy Bollman Removed an overlooked problem with keymappings.
SwitchColor.tar.gz 0.0.3 2022-05-04 7.0 Tommy Bollman Improved two key bindings to actuate error messages if not unique.
SwitchColor.tar.gz 0.0.2 2022-05-04 7.0 Tommy Bollman Upgraded key mappings to follow recommended scheme for plugins.
Added variable for disabling the plugin in .vimrc.
Removed typo regarding mapping of opt/alt-g to show current colorscheme.
SwitchColor.tar.gz 0.0.1 2022-05-04 7.0 Tommy Bollman Initial upload
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