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vindent.vim : Navigate and select text based on indentations.

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created by
Jesse Kelighine
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This plugin provides two functionalities:

1. Jump to previous/next line with same indentation. (vindent motion)
2. Select adjacent lines with "same or more or ..." indentation. (vindent text object: 4 variations)

This plugin was partially inspired by vimscript #5106 and vimscript #3037. This plugin is essentially a simplified version of the two plugins combined, but reimplemented with less than 100 lines of vimscript at its core!

More details and latest version at: https://github.com/jessekelighine/vindent.vim
install details
Clone it from Github for latest version: https://github.com/jessekelighine/vindent.vim

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vindent.vim-4.1.1.tar.gz 4.1.1 2022-06-02 8.2 Jesse Kelighine - Make the auto mappings work.

No one told me that this didn't work for so long :'(
vindent.vim-4.0.0.tar.gz v4.0.0 2022-05-21 8.0 Jesse Kelighine v4.0.0:                                                            2022-May-20
- Reimplement how indentation is compared and handled: Previously use
  a custom function to handle the determining of a line's indentation
  level, now use Vim's native function `indent()`.  This change has 2
    1. It automatically assumes equivalence between a <Tab> and
       |tabstop| number of <Space>s.  This is more flexible since Vim
       can infer filetype specific |tabstop| setting automatically.
    2. It returns a number representing the indent level.  This makes
       comparing indent level much faster.
  As a result, |g:vindent_tabstop| is now obsolete and the user can no
  longer choose whether <Tab>s and <Space>s should be considered
- No longer refuse to select the entire document.
- Restructure `autoload` to be more concise.
vindent.vim-3.0.3.tar.gz v3.0.2 2022-05-18 8.2 Jesse Kelighine v3.0.0 above:

- Add |vindent_Block_Motions|.
- Expand |vindent_Text_Object|s to be customizable and take counts.
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