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gpt-vim : brings chat gpt to Vim and NVim

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created by
ayman khamouma
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# vim-gpt

This plugin brings chat gpt to Vim and NVim
The purpose of this pugin is to assist you for your various development tasks.

Demo time: https://github.com/kamou/gpt-vim/blob/master/uml2rust.gif
## Current Features

- Chat with GPT (currently gpt3.5-turbo) in a separate buffer. The output is in markdown.
- GPT can recall previous messages from the current session.
- Selected text/code is appended to the prompt.
- GPT is aware of the language of your current buffer.
- Multiple sessions. You can save a session and continue the conversation later if needed.

## Requirements

Requirement can be installed using the following command:
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

## Installation
Plug 'kamou/gpt-vim'

## Available commands
:call gpt#Assist(0)      # Launch the prompt
:'<,'>call gpt#Assist(1) # Launch the prompt and append the current selection

## Default keymapping configuration
nmap <silent> gpa <Plug>(gpt-vim-assist)
xmap <silent> gpa <Plug>(gpt-vim-assist-vis)
vmap <silent> gpa <Plug>(gpt-vim-assist-vis)
You may update it in you .vimrc file.

## GPT buffer keys
  - `r` reset current session memory, GPT will forget everything, the buffer will be cleared
  - `q` close gpt buffer. Memory is kept untouched, gpt will recall previous (most recent) messages.
  - `s` save the current session history
  - `L` list previously saved sessions (press enter to load selected session)
  - `c` Cancel the current stream. (The answer will be lost, and not saved in the database)
  - `Y` Enter Yank Mode. [Experimental, mapping willl change soon]

## Yank Mode
  - `j` Cycle down to next fenced code block.
  - `k` Cycle up to next fenced code block.
  - `<cr>` Copy current block and leave Yank Mode.

## Session list keys
  - `q` close the list
  - `d` delete the session under the cursor
  - `<cr>` select the session under the cursor
  - `s`: Open the conversation under the cursor in a horizontal split.
  - `v`: Open the conversation under the cursor in a vertical split.

install details
## Requirements

- an openai [api key](https://platform.openai.com/account/api-keys) (add `g:gpt_api_key` to your config)
- sqlite3, openai and tiktoken python package
pip install sqlite3
pip install openai
pip install tiktoken

## Installation
Plug 'kamou/gpt-vim'

## Available commands
:call gpt#assist([sessionname])             # Launch the prompt
:'<,'>call gpt#visual_assist([sessionname]) # Launch the prompt and append the current selection

## Sample keymapping configuration
map <silent> <leader><space> :<C-U>call gpt#assist()<cr>
xnoremap <silent> <leader><space> :'<,'>call gpt#visual_assist()<cr>
vnoremap <silent> <leader><space> :'<,'>call gpt#visual_assist()<cr>

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
gpt-vim.tgz 0.10 2024-01-01 8.1 ayman khamouma Bump openai python package version
gpt-vim.tgz 0.9 2023-09-04 9.0 ayman khamouma The assistant can now execute generated python and lua code just like int chat-gpt interpreter mode
The assistant can also search the web (google, ddg and wikipedia) and read web pages content.
gpt-vim.tgz 0.8 2023-04-27 8.0 ayman khamouma more refactoring. multiple chat buffers support. fenced code block Yank Mode support
gpt-vim.tgz 0.7 2023-04-24 8.0 ayman khamouma Fix crash on missing database
gpt-vim.tgz 0.6 2023-04-24 8.0 ayman khamouma Refactoring, Bugfixes, and a doc generated by the plugin ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
gpt-vim.tgz 0.5 2023-04-22 8.0 ayman khamouma Bugfix (empty list after buffer quit)
gpt-vim.tgz 0.4 2023-04-22 8.0 ayman khamouma Bugfixes + ability to delete a session.
gpt-vim.tgz 0.2 2023-04-20 7.0 ayman khamouma Improved sessions
gpt-vim.tgz 0.1 2023-04-20 8.0 ayman khamouma Initial upload
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