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VimDebug : Visual debugger for Perl, Ruby, and Python (updated 03/2011)

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created by
eric johnson
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VimDebug gives developers the ability to visually step through their code and set breakpoints.  Currently supported debuggers are Perl, Ruby, and Python.  

This plugin is still in beta.  Code is available on github:

For help or to report a bug, please go here:


2 Perl modules
Vim with +signs compiled in.


Set/reset these in your .vimrc if you want:

<F12>      Start the debugger
<Leader>s/ Start the debugger with command line arguments
<F10>      Restart debugger.  Break points are saved.
<F11>      Exit the debugger

<F2>       Show console
<F6>       Next
<F7>       Step
<F8>       Continue

<Leader>b  Set break point on the current line
<Leader>c  Clear break point on the current line

<Leader>v  Show the value of variable under the cursor
<Leader>v/ Show the value of any expression

<Leader>/  Enter a command for the debugger to execute, and echo the result.

let g:DBGRconsoleHeight   = 7
let g:DBGRlineNumbers      = 1
install details
$ tar xvzf VimDebug*tar.gz
$ cd VimDebug*
$ perl Makefile.PL
$ make
$ sudo make install
$ cp -r vim/*vim $VIMHOME/

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script versions (upload new version)

Click on the package to download.

package script version date Vim version user release notes
VimDebug-0.5.tar.gz 0.5 2011-01-26 7.0 eric johnson Warns if you don't have IO::Pty installed; fixed newline problems for a number of people; fixed tab problems for people who use SuperTab plugin
VimDebug-0.4.tar.gz 0.4 2008-01-06 6.0 eric johnson Dramatically improved debug console.  New underlying API makes adding support for new languages simpler.  Added support for Gdb, but this module is not yet tested.  This project is still in beta.
VimDebug-0.3.5.tar.gz 0.3.5 2008-01-02 6.0 eric johnson added Python, a very basic debug console, and some other gui improvements; still beta
VimDebug-0.3.tar.gz 0.3 2007-12-30 6.0 eric johnson complete rewrite.  much more mature.  this version only supports perl and ruby.
vimDebug-0.2.tar.gz 0.2 2003-06-24 6.0 eric johnson fixed some problems with the install process (added multvals.vim)
script now works with perl v.5.6+ (instead of v.5.8+)
fixed a bug involving arrays and eval() in the perl debugger module
vimDebug-0.1.tar.gz 0.1 2003-06-03 6.0 eric johnson Initial upload
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