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random.vim : A "color scheme" to pseudo-randomly load a color scheme.

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created by
Wei Huang Jou
script type
color scheme
This "color scheme" will pseudo-randomly  load a color scheme among all available color schemes. The main logic is based on vimtip #358.
install details
Place it in the directory where you store the rest of your color schemes and use it as you would with any other color scheme.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
random.vim 1.3 2003-09-14 6.0 Wei Huang Jou Updated to use "Unix line endings, NL only". Thanks Krzysztof Wrzalik < k w r z a l i k @ o 2 . p l >!
random.vim 1.2 2003-08-12 6.0 Wei Huang Jou Fixed the problem that was supposed to be addressed in v1.1. Now it should eliminate recursive calls on platforms that uses '' as path separators (e.g. M$ Windows and DOS) as well.
random.vim 1.1 2003-06-23 6.0 Wei Huang Jou Fix to avoid itself from being selected resulting in recursive calls.
random.vim 1.0 2003-06-09 6.0 Wei Huang Jou Initial upload
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