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po.vim : ftplugin for easier editing of GNU gettext PO files

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created by
Aleksandar Jelenak
script type
This file is a Vim ftplugin for editing PO files (GNU gettext -- the GNU
i18n and l10n system). It automates over a dozen frequent tasks that
occur while editing files of this type.

                                                                                    Key mappings
Action (Insert mode)                                                GUI Vim     Vim
Move to an untransl. string forward                       <S-F1>      \m
Move to an untransl. string backward                   <S-F2>       \p
Copy the msgid string to msgstr                            <S-F3>      \c
Delete the msgstr string                                           <S-F4>      \d
Move to the next fuzzy translation                         <S-F5>       \f
Move to the previous fuzzy translation                 <S-F6>       \b
Label the translation fuzzy                                       <S-F7>      \z
Remove the fuzzy label                                            <S-F8>      \r
Show msgfmt statistics for the file(*)                      <S-F11>     \s
Browse through msgfmt errors for the file(*)         <S-F12>     \e
Put the translator info in the header                             \t             \t
Put the lang. team info in the header                           \l             \l
(*) Only available on UNIX computers.

                                                                                  Key mappings
Action (Normal mode)                                           GUI Vim     Vim
Move to an untransl. string forward                      <S-F1>      \m
Move to an untransl. string backward                  <S-F2>      \p
Move to the next fuzzy translation                        <S-F5>      \f
Move to the previous fuzzy translation                <S-F6>      \b
Label the translation fuzzy                                     <S-F7>      \z
Remove the fuzzy label                                          <S-F8>      \r
Split-open the file under cursor                                  gf           gf
Show msgfmt statistics for the file(*)                    <S-F11>     \s
Browse through msgfmt errors for the file(*)       <S-F12>     \e
Put the translator info in the header                            \t            \t
Put the lang. team info in the header                          \l            \l
(*) Only available on UNIX computers.

- "S" in the above key mappings stands for the <Shift> key and "\" in
  fact means "<LocalLeader>" (:help <LocalLeader>), which is "\" by
  Vim's default.
- Information about the translator and language team is supplied by two
  global variables: 'g:po_translator' and 'g:po_lang_team'. They should
  be defined in the ".vimrc" (UNIX) or "_vimrc" (Windows) file. If they
  are not defined, the default values (descriptive strings) are put
- Vim's "gf" Normal mode command is remapped (local to the PO buffer, of
  course). It will only function on lines starting with "#: ". Search
  for the file is performed in the directories specified by the 'path'
  option. The user can supply its own addition to this option via the
  'g:po_path' global variable. Its default value for PO files can be
  found by typing ":set path?" from within a PO buffer. For the correct
  format please see ":help 'path'". Warning messages are printed if no
  or more than one file is found.
- Vim's Quickfix mode (see ":help quickfix") is used for browsing
  through msgfmt-reported errors for the file. No MO file is created
  when running the msgfmt program since its output is directed to
  "/dev/null". The user can supply command-line arguments to the msgfmt
  program via the global variable 'g:po_msgfmt_args'. All arguments are
  allowed except the "-o" for output file. The default value is
  "-vv -c".

But there's even more!

Every time the PO file is saved, a PO-formatted time stamp is
automatically added to the file header.
install details
    Put this file in a Vim ftplugin directory. On UNIX computers it is
    usually either "~/.vim/ftplugin" or "~/.vim/after/ftplugin". On Windows
    computers, the defaults are "$VIM\vimfiles\ftplugin" or
    "$VIM\vimfiles\after\ftplugin". For more information consult the Vim
    help, ":help 'ftplugin'" and ":help 'runtimepath'".

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
po.vim 1.2 2005-04-13 6.0 Aleksandar Jelenak No major new features, mainly work under the hood to strengthen
current functionality.


- Smarter handling of fuzzy translation marks
- New key mappings for some commands in Normal mode
- More commands available in Normal mode
- gf mapping should hopefully be more useful now
po.vim 1.11 2003-07-10 6.0 Aleksandar Jelenak Minor update to ver. 1.1: Running msgfmt statistics for the PO file does
not produce a 'message' output file anymore.
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