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folddigest.vim : Show fold digest tree view.

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Required: Vim 6.2

        :call FoldDigest()

    Transform all folds in the current buffer into digest tree form, and
    show it in another buffer.  The buffer is called FOLDDIGEST.  It shows
    not only all fold start positions, but also a tree depended on original
    folds hierarchy.

    In a FOLDDIGEST, you can move around the cursor, and when type <CR> jump
    to fold at under it.  If you enter FOLDDIGEST window from other windows,
    when depended buffer is availabeled, it will be synchronized
    automatically.  If you want to force synchronize, type "r" in a
    FOLDDIGEST buffer.


                string (default "")
        Set string flag which you need.  If you want to use more than two,
        join by comma.

          flexnumwidth  Narrow line number width as possible.
          nofoldclose   don't close folds after ":call FoldDigest()".
          vertical      Use :vsplit for FOLDDIGEST. (default :split)

                number (default 0)
        FOLDDIGEST window size.  When 'folddigest_options' has "vertical"
        flag, this value is interpretted as window height, and doesn't then
        as window width.  If zero was specified height/width become half of
        current window.

        :let folddigest_options = "vertical,flexnumwidth"
        :let folddigest_size = 30
install details
Put the file at one of your plugin directories.
  ex. $HOME/.vim/plugin/
  ex. $HOME\vimfiles\plugin\
  ex. $VIM\vimfiles\plugin\

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
folddigest.vim 1.0.1 2003-08-13 6.0 Taro MURAOKA Fix some bugs, and remove obsoleted code.
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