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Intellisense for Vim : Java, XML, HTML, C++, JSP, SQL, C#

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Ravi Shankar
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This is intellisense for Java, XML, HTML, C++, JSP, SQL, C#. This new version is incompatible with the previous version(s).
IMPORTANT: Uninstall any previous versions if you have and then install the new version.


Usage Tips
1. Pressing '.' (in java) or pressing '<'  in XML/Html brings the list window
2. Pressing <C-Space> brings context sensitive lists (for both java and HTML/XML).
In HTML/XML this brings the list of attributes for the tags, or auto-completes the attributes)
Try C-Space at different points.

While tool tip is shown, you can use mouse to move to next function or use <C-Left> or <C-Right>

<C-S-Space> in java, brings the tooltip for the current function.

The SQL plugin provides completion for both static and dynamic data.  A tutorial is provided in intellisense.txt.  See :h intellisense-sql.

Dynamic lists (drawn directly from your database):
    Table List
        - All tables for all schema owners
    Procedure List
        - All stored procedures for all schema owners
    View List
        - All stored procedures for all schema owners
    Column List
        - For the selected table, the columns that are part of the table    
    Table / Procedure Description
        - For the selected table/procedure, describe it    

Static lists (drawn directly from your Vim SQL syntax file):
        - Select, Insert, Update, Delete, Create, Alter, ...
        - Min, Max, Trim, Round, Date, ...
        - Index, Database, Having, Group, With
        - Integer, Char, Varchar, Date, DateTime, Timestamp, ...
        - Like, Where, And, Or, In, Exists, ...
    Database Options
        - Isolation_level, On_error, Qualify_owners, Fire_triggers

install details
Setup is available.
For more information read the intellisense.txt which is accompanied with the download for install details.
After setup completes update Vim's documentation using the helptags command:
:helptags $VIM\vimfiles\doc
:h intellisense


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changelog.txt 1.3 2004-10-14 6.0 Ravi Shankar This is just the changelog. You can download from http://insenvim.sourceforge.net
Changelog only is given due to space constraints.
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