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sessions.vim : named shortcuts to groups of files

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created by
Andrew Rodionoff
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This plugin introduces following additions to regular session management (see
help on viminfo, mkview, mksession):
- short commands for session saving, loading, clearing and merging:
  :SS <name> --- save session <name>
  :SL <name> --- load session <name>
  :SN <name> --- clear buffer list and set new current session name.
  :SS without parameter saves current session loaded with :SL or created
      with SN.
  :SM <name> --- merge session <name> into current one.

- All sessions are stored and loaded out of specific directory named
  'sessions' in &runtimepath.
  Note: it is nessessary to create this directory manually before using
  plugin. E.g. 'mkdir -p ~/.vim/sessions' will do on Unix-like systems.

- Session name argument does not need to have path prefix or extension. It's
  also may be completed from already saved session names.

- Major difference to built-in session mechanism is that saved session by
  default does not contain any mapping, window layout, line number or
  unlisted buffer information whatsoever. There's just file list and current
  working directory/file. This is done intentionally, with robustness and
  loading speed in mind (see help on viminfo to learn how to store file
  marks across sessions). To enable old-stype session files, set variable
  g:Sessions_Old_style = 1 in your .vimrc.
install details
Don't forget to create directory 'sessions' somewhere in &runtimepath.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
sessions.vim 0.2 2003-10-09 6.0 Andrew Rodionoff Added MRU list feature. File encodings are now stored in minisession.
sessions.vim 0.1 2003-10-04 6.0 Andrew Rodionoff Initial upload
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