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MixCase.vim : Mix Case of typed text in the hũke$ way (python required)

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created by
jean-christophe clavier
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1. Intoduction

This plugin does nothing very useful
it modifies words :
- in the hackers way (mx($e)
- in the Cambridge way : it ceganhs the odrer of the lreetts which doesn't
              afceft the raitaeidbly vrey mcuh (when the wdors are not too lnog)

It now uses an ini file to customize the mi4$3 table the way you want.
Eventually, you can have many ini files to swap between many types of

No mapping is provided as you know better than me where you want to map your
commands. Another reason is that mapping is often used for useful commands which
is not the case here.

This plugin provides the following commands and functions : ~
To Mix ranges of text :

To Mix word under cursor and, eventually substitute all occurence :

These commands are long to type to easily know what they do but you can map them :
for exemple, you can add
map <F2>   :MCHackerzMixWordUnderCurs<CR>
in your .vimrc

To use in \= expressions :
function MixCase(...)
function MixCambridge(...)

To manage ini file at runtime

Please, feel free to send me any comment. If you miss something (linked to
m;ע4Z3, of course), I'd add it with pleasure.
If you are to vote -1, i'd be pleased to know what was wrong and what you were waiting for ;-)

2. Content of the archive

    MixCase.vim            : The plugin (-> /plugin)
    MixCase.py              : The python part of the plugin
    MixCase.ini              : The default ini file
    mixcase.txt                : The help file
    MixCaseInv.ini          : an alternate ini file
    MixCaseUTF-8.ini    : an UTF-8 encoded ini file
install details
4. Installation

Note : this plugin uses python

It needs four files : MixCase.vim, mixcase.txt, MixCase.py and

MixCase.vim is to be dropped in the plugins directory, mixcase.txt in the doc
directory and MixCase.py in a directory declared in the python path by a
little >
let $PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH . "/MyDirectory/Python"
in your .vimrc
By default, the ini file is to be dropped in the vim directory. I must admit
it is not a very clever choice but I didn't know where to put it. Anyway, you
can customize this in defining g:MC_DefaultIni in your .vimrc.
let g:MC_DefaultIni = Path/MixCase.ini

Remember that you can change the ini file at runtime with :MCSetIniFile

To init the help tags, start Vim and do either
:helptags ~/.vim/doc (for unix)
:helptags ~\vimfiles\doc (for MSWindows)
to rebuild the tags file. Do ":help add-local-help" for more details.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
MixCase.tar.gz 0.5 2016-08-15 7.0 jean-christophe clavier Python code is now compatible with python3 (yes, i know, i could have done this before :-) )
MixCase.zip 0.4 2004-06-29 6.0 jean-christophe clavier Bug Correction
MixCase.zip 0.3 2004-06-25 6.0 jean-christophe clavier Added ini file to customize the mixcase table and a tip to allow the mix of utf-8 encoded texts (or anything else).
MixCase.zip 0.2 2003-11-24 6.0 jean-christophe clavier Added vim type help file
MixCase.zip 0.1 2003-10-21 6.0 jean-christophe clavier Initial upload
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