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vimcommander : totalcommander-like two-panel tree file explorer for vim

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created by
Leandro Penz
script type
This is an adaptation of opsplorer (vimscript #362), intended to be more like the Total Comander (http://www.ghisler.com) file explorer.

This opens two panels of file explorers on the top half of the vim screen.
Targets for moving and copying defaults to the other panel, like totalcmd. TAB switches between panels.
Vimcommander keys are mostly totalcommander's:
F3 - view
F4 - edit
F5 - copy
F6 - move
F7 - create dir
F8 - del
Others: C-U, C-Left/C-Right, C-R, BS, DEL, C-H, etc.
Selection of files/dirs also works: INS, +, -. Then copy/move/del selected files.

Suggested binding is
noremap <silent> <F11> :cal VimCommanderToggle()<CR>

Tested on Linux. I have reports that it doesn't work on Windows.

If you want to contribute, note that vimcommander is hosted at github: http://github.com/lpenz/vimcommander/.
install details
Drop vimcommander.vim in ~/.vim/plugin
Put in you .vimrc a map to VimCommanderToggle():
noremap <silent> <F11> :cal VimCommanderToggle()<CR>

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vimcommander_0.81.vba 0.81 2013-03-17 6.0 Leandro Penz Improved windows compatibility.
vimcommander_0.80.vba 0.80 2010-03-25 6.0 Leandro Penz C-H is no longer toggles hidden file showing, as it overwrites backspace binding in some terminals.
vimcommander_0.79.vba 0.79 2010-02-23 7.0 Leandro Penz Windows path handling working, thanks to Zacco!
Using vimball format from now on.
vimcommander.vim 0.78 2010-01-31 6.0 Leandro Penz Change dir dialog, required in windows.
vimcommander.vim 0.77 2010-01-23 6.0 Leandro Penz Version scheme changed.
Accepting initial directories from global configuration variables.
vimcommander.vim 76 2009-01-14 6.0 Leandro Penz Directory escaping was missing. Thanks devix for the fix.
vimcommander.vim 75 2007-12-03 6.0 Leandro Penz If hidden files were enabled, the glob coud become '**', taking a very long time to build the tree. Thanks go to Oleg Popov for the fix
vimcommander.vim 74 2007-08-21 6.0 Leandro Penz Works with 'splitright'. Thanks to Vladimir Marek again!
vimcommander.vim 73 2007-06-24 6.0 Leandro Penz Files with spaces working now, thanks to Vladimír Marek!
vimcommander.vim 69 2006-04-09 6.0 Leandro Penz + and - bound to kPlus and kMinus.
vimcommander.vim 68 2006-03-11 6.0 Leandro Penz Fix: directories with spaces. New: local copy.
New version numbering scheme.
vimcommander.vim 2005-10-02 6.0 Leandro Penz Now vimcommander keeps the previous window open, preventing the break of C-O among other things.
vimcommander.vim 2005-05-11 6.0 Leandro Penz Does not come back to the begining of last open file when switching off.
mkdir was not working when dir had spaces.
Fixes to make S-F4 working, and to prevent error report when canceling interactive questions.
vimcommander.vim 2004-02-26 6.0 Leandro Penz Directory change is optional. Fixed <leader>o/<C-O>.
vimcommander.vim 2004-01-25 6.0 Leandro Penz ToggleHiddenFiles and key conflict solved.
Fixed typo in doc.
vimcommander.vim 1.52 2003-11-19 6.0 Leandro Penz Self-installing documentation created. Directory history implemented. Bugfix: does not overwrite " register; does not lose track of last buffer anymore. Uses only the window where its openend. Some changes in the layout also. Licensing info appended.
vimcommander.vim 1.41 2003-11-15 6.0 Leandro Penz Bugfix: remembers last panel visited and proper closure now working.
vimcommander.vim 1.39 2003-11-12 6.0 Leandro Penz Bugfix: move is now working. Alternate keys for C-. Options for the window are saved/restored when entering/exiting.
vimcommander.vim 1.35 2003-11-09 6.0 Leandro Penz Fullscreen. Toggle improved. Selection of files thru <INS>, + and - implemented. Generally more similar to wincmd.
vimcommander.vim 1.16 2003-11-06 6.0 Leandro Penz New:
F7 - create directory
C-U exchange panels
F11 - switch buffer-vimcommander
C-Right/C-Left - puts dir under cursor on other panel
Copy, move & del work with dirs (CAUTION ADVISED)
copy, move & paste for files with spaces.

Removing keys & compatibility with opsplorer.
vimcommander.vim 1.7 2003-11-01 6.0 Leandro Penz Initial upload
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