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mp.vim : Identation file for MetaPost

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created by
Eugene Minkovskii
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This is identation file for MetaPost language. I'm not write same file for MetaFont only because I not use this powerfull program, but it is very similar to MetaPost language and if somebody ask me to write it I may be do this.

So this is citation from mp.vim where I wrote about indent in MetaPost

" Identation Rules: {{{1
" First of all, MetaPost language don't expect any identation rules.
" This screept need for you only if you (not MetaPost) need to do
" exactly code. If you don't need to use indentation, see
" :help filetype-indent-off
" Note: Every rules of identation in MetaPost or TeX languages (and in some
" other of course) is very subjective. I can release only my vision of this
" promlem.
" ..........................................................................
" Example of correct (by me) identation {{{2
" shiftwidth=4
" ==========================================================================
" for i=0 upto 99:
"     z[i] = (0,1u) rotated (i*360/100);
" endfor
" draw z0 -- z10 -- z20
"         withpen ...     % <- 2sw because breaked line
"         withcolor ...;  % <- same as previous
" draw z0 for i=1 upto 99:
"             -- z[i]             % <- 1sw from left end of 'for' satement
"         endfor withpen ...      % <- 0sw from left end of 'for' satement
"                 withcolor ...;  % <- 2sw because breaked line
" draw if One:     % <- This is internal if (like 'for' above)
"          one
"      elsif Other:
"          other
"      fi withpen ...;
" if one:          % <- This is external if
"     draw one;
" elseif other:
"     draw other;
" fi
" draw z0; draw z1;
" }}}
" }}}
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Just put this file into $RUNTIMES/ident/ directory

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mp.vim 0.1 2003-11-21 6.0 Eugene Minkovskii Bugfix
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