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VimNotes : A script to help keep an organized collection of notes with linking.

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created by
Dave Vehrs
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This is a simple script that helps keep a collection of notes organized and allows vim help style linking.

VimNotes will:
1.  Automatically create an Index of links and display it in a Menu in Gvim.
2.  Tag file is automatically regenerated every time a VimNote is saved.

VimNotes Configuration:  

VimNotes has a few configuration options at the top of the VimNotes.vim file.
You should review these and make any desired changes.

Default Notes Directory:        
by default all notes are kept in a single directory.

  let g:VN_DefaultDir = "~/Notes"

VimNotes can be configured to fold note subsections (1) or not (0)

  let g:VN_FoldEnable = "1"

Note Header Configuration:
The default ("d") header will include filename, created date and last
modified date and by whom.  Or you can use a minimalist ("m") header.

  let g:VN_Header = "d"

Note Section Divider:
Setting this to "1" will place a divider line of ---- between note sections.
Setting it to "0", will disable a visible seperater.
  let g:VN_SectionSep = "1"

Default Web Browser:
VimNotes can open links in a browser of your choosing.
  let g:VN_DefaultBrowser = "konqueror"
  let g:VN_DefaultBrowser = "links -g"
  let g:VN_DefaultBrowser = "konsole -e lynx"
  let g:VN_DefaultBrowser = "xterm -e lynx"
  let g:VN_DefaultBrowser = "mozilla"

If you would like to change any of the keymappings for this script,
add the following lines:
               map <-key-to-use> <PLUG><-function-to-map>
               map! <-key-to-use> <PLUG><-function-to-map>
Default Config:
               VN_NewFile                    <F2>
               VN_NewSection              <F3>
               VN_Search                     <F4>
               VN_OpenHTTPLink         <F5>
      Note: VN_NewFile is always available, however VN_NewSection,
               VN_Search, and VN_OpenHTTPLink are only available if the
               current buffer is a VimNote.

               map  <F1> <Plug>VN_Search
               map! <F1> <Plug>VN_Search

Customizing Syntax Colors:
  You can link the group to an existing syntax group with this command:
       highlight link <vimnotes-group>  <group>
  You can find the available group names in your current syntax file:
Default Config:
               highlight link VN_Bullet          Comment
               highlight link VN_Checkbox        Function
               highlight link VN_CheckboxDone    Comment
               highlight link VN_HyperTextJump   Function
               highlight link VN_HyperTextEntry  Identifier
               highlight link VN_Divider         Comment
               highlight link VN_Header          Comment
               highlight link VN_HeaderTopic     Function
               highlight link VN_HTTP            String
               highlight link VN_NumberedList    Comment
               highlight link VN_Topic           Comment

install details
Save the file to your .vim/plugins directory or load it with :source Vimnotes.vim

Create default VimNotes directory (i.e. ~/Notes).

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
VimNotes.vim 0.2.6 2004-06-01 6.0 Dave Vehrs Patches submitted by Richard Bair including Win32 & glob fixes, and Gvim menu cleanups.  Many Thanks.
VimNotes.vim 0.2.5 2003-11-30 6.0 Dave Vehrs Patches submited by Ronald Hoellwarth including modifiable file headerstrings and date format, Win32 support added to the VN_ProcTFM function and many vim syntax improvements & corrections.  Many Thanks.
VimNotes.vim 0.2 2003-11-25 6.0 Dave Vehrs Added display of tag index for console.  Open list window by pressing F6.
VimNote-Docs.txt 0.0 2003-11-22 6.0 Dave Vehrs Script documentation and example of a VimNote.
VimNotes.vim 0.1 2003-11-22 6.0 Dave Vehrs Initial upload
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