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GVColors : Uses gvim to display X-windows colors (keywords: colorlist rgb.txt)

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created by
Charles Campbell
script type
<gvcolors.vim> displays a list of colors available under X-windows in their own
color.  It is based on vimtip#634 contributed by mohsin at

The script intercepts several motions and sets up syntax highlighting to
display the named colors.


  gvim gvcolors.vim

   j      move display down one line
   k      move display up   one line
ctrl-d   move display down &scroll lines (see :he 'scroll')
ctrl-u   move display up   &scroll lines (see :he 'scroll')
ctrl-f   move display down one page
ctrl-b   move display up   one page
pageup   same as ctrl-b
pagedown same as ctrl-f

Special care to show just a single page of colors is taken because
Vim is limited to displaying approximately 224 colors with syntax


v3: Supports use of the mouse and slider bars.

v2: Looks up colors in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/rgb.txt,
which may be overridden by let g:rgbtxtfile="path";
now shows red:green:blue assignments as well as
the colored text!

(alpha/beta version available at http://www.drchip.org/astronaut/vim/index.html#GVCOLORS)
install details
Put <gvcolors.vim> wherever its convenient (its *not* a plugin):

  gvim gvcolors.vba.gz
  :so %

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
gvcolors.vba.gz 6 2007-10-10 7.0 Charles Campbell * allows rightmouse to click between dark & bright backgrounds
* double-click with leftmouse will pull the color line up to the top of the screen, thereby displaying its rgb values
* Vim version 7 now supports 1000s of highlighting groups; gvcolors takes advantage of that
* Looks in some more places for where the rgb.txt file may be.
gvcolors.vim 5 2004-07-13 6.0 Charles Campbell Quicker refresh when moving in the text via the scrollbar.  Up to 188 colors can be shown at a time; this is a slight reduction to avoid problems with Vim's limited quantity of concurrently displayable colors.
gvcolors.vim 4 2004-04-02 6.0 Charles Campbell Shift-Leftmouse will toggle gvcolors' background between dark and light.
Bugfix: full screen displays can result in too many colors for Vim to
display at one time; gvcolors now limits itself to 192 colors (any more
will be set to "Ignore" highlighting).
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