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Toggle : allows you to toggle bool (true/false) and other words with a shortcut

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created by
Timo Teifel
script type
In this version, the script can toggle:
    True     <->     False
    true     <->     false
    on       <->     off
    yes      <->     no
    define  <->     undef
    +        <->     -
    >        <->     <
    &&    <->     ||
    &     <->      |
    positive and negative numbers

Move the cursor on the word/char/number to be toggled and press
      <C-T>  in insert mode
      +     in normal / visual mode.

This shortcut can be modified in the script file - of course...

If the cursor is positioned on a number, the script looks for a corresponding + or - sign for that number.
If it's found, it will be replaced by the other one. If none is found, a - sign is inserted before the number.
install details
put this plugin into your ~/.vim/plugin folder or source it in your ~/.vimrc

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
toggle.vim 0.6 2018-11-15 7.0 Timo Teifel Add Python True/False toggle, kindly provided by Christian Tabedzki
toggle.vim 0.5 2010-09-15 7.0 Timo Teifel - Keeps the keyword case when toggling (thanks to Jan Christoph Ebersbach for this code)
- bugfix for && and || toggling
toggle.vim 0.4 2010-09-14 7.0 Timo Teifel default mapping uses + in normal and visual mode instead of <C-T>
added toggle entries: && <--> ||   and & <--> |
internal optimizations
toggle.vim 0.3 2004-02-06 6.0 Timo Teifel I added define/undef as new words.
I added a mapping for visual mode (it actually quits visual mode and calls the Toggle function. But now it works, if you clicked with the mouse on the word and accidentally switched on visual mode...)
I realised that <C-S-T> is the same than <C-T> I didn't intent to break these mappings, but since I didn't find another suitable keymapping, I now use <C-T>. Anyone who doesn't like that can change that easily.
toggle.vim 0.2 2004-02-02 6.0 Timo Teifel Initial upload
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