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Editable User Interface (EUI, eui_vim) : The use of a text editor as the user interface to applications.

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Suresh Govindachar
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The plugin eui_vim concerns the use of a text editor as the user
interface to applications:  the "Editable User Interface".

It presents an alternative to incorporating applications into the
text editor as a tightly bound, monolithic product and to
resisting any integration of the text-editor with other
applications for non-text-editing functions.  

The conceptualization of the ''Editable User Interface'' helps
define and delimit the role of the text editor in facilitating the
use of diverse applications.  In such a role, the text editor is
delimited to being an interface only, i.e., in regard to support
of non-text-editing tasks, it is delimited to

  * rendering user input,
  * transferring user commands and data to the external application,
  * responding to (text-editing) commands from the external application and
  * rendering the external application's output to the user.  

(In the above, rendering refers to display of text.)

As a specific example of the abstraction "Editable User Interface",
the code presented here, eui_vim.vim and eui_vim.pl illustrate how
one can use the Vim editor as an user interface to other applications.


Most of the value of this plugin lies in the ideas expounded
in eui_vim.txt or in http://www.sonic.net/~suresh/eui/
(and, perhaps, by way of the comments in the .vim and .pl code).

Table of Contents of eui_vim.txt

  Graphical, Keyboard and Pseudo-keyboard User Interfaces
  Editable User Interface
    The Text Editor
    The PC as a Product
Users' Guide
    System Requirements
    :EUIProcess foo
    :EUIProcess list
    :EUIProcess demo_plot
    How the transfers are done
      Format of the fifo-file
    :EUIProcess quit
    Automatic clean-up
Example Applications

install details
System Requirements

Eui_vim has been tested on Windows 98 with the ''Big version with
GUI'' Vim 6.2 (requires +clientserver, but perl support is not
required).  It is unlikely to work as-is on unix (the port to
unix is likely to be simpler).


Essentially, unzip eui_vim.zip into the vimfiles directory while
preserving folder names and regenerate the help-tags.  

Unzipping deploys three files:  

    vimfiles\perl\eui_vim.pl     and

The help-tags can be regenerated, for example, by executing
":helptags $vim\vimfiles\doc" from within vim.

In systems that don't have perl, eui_vim.pl can be replaced by a
self-contained executable, eui_vim.exe available from the author.


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