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AutoFold.vim : A script to automate folding based on markers and syntax.

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Dave Vehrs
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This script is an attempt at merging syntax and marker based folding.  

Folding based on markers is available for all filetypes.  Currently both the {{{ / }}} and the {{{# / }}}# (where # designates the fold level) marking types are supported.

Syntax folding is currently only available for C, Perl, Python, Shell, and Vim filetypes.

Includes function to check and update the foldmarker and line break formats just before saving the file.

As of version 1.3, includes functions to insert (zf) and remove (zd) fold markers that behave similarly to those in the marker fold method.
install details
Download file and save it in ~/.vim/plugin/ to have it automatically load or use :source AutoFold.vim to manually load it.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
AutoFold.vim 1.3.2 2006-02-27 6.0 Dave Vehrs Updates to UpdateFoldMarkers.
AutoFold.vim 1.3.1 2005-02-20 6.0 Dave Vehrs Improvements to RemoveFoldMarkers and UpdateFoldMarkers.  Thanks to Eric for the perl folding patch and the formating ideas.
AutoFold.vim 1.3 2005-02-05 6.0 Dave Vehrs Added functions to insert and remove fold markers. General cleanup. More improvements to UpdateFoldMarkers(). Added "Fold Hints".
AutoFold.vim 1.2.2 2005-01-31 6.0 Dave Vehrs Improved fold marker fixing and added fixing for --- breaks.  
AutoFold.vim 1.2.1 2005-01-28 6.0 Dave Vehrs Vim syntax fix. Configured FoldOpen options. Added function to check and fix the fold marker positioning with autocmd to run just before writing the file.  Improved Marker folding.
AutoFold.vim 1.2 2004-10-13 6.0 Dave Vehrs Added Fold text style & width configuration items.  Thanks to Wolfgang H. for patches and ideas.
AutoFold.vim 1.1 2004-04-24 6.0 Dave Vehrs Consolidated SFT_SetFoldText subfunctions to improve performance.  Python, Perl, Shell, and Vim folding pattern clean ups.  Added initial C language support.
AutoFold.vim 1.0 2004-02-28 6.0 Dave Vehrs Initial upload
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