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colorsel.vim : A RGB/HSV color selector

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David Necas
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A simple interactive RGB/HSV color selector modelled after Gimp2 RGB/HSV color selector. Needs gvim and :set nocp (and probably a high-color display).

Usage: :so colorsel.vim and

:ColorSel [color]

starts the color selector.  The optional color argument can be in rrggbb or rgb form or a CSS named color.

j, k (or arrows) change active channel.

h, l (or arrows), b, w (or pgdown, pgup), 0, $ (or home, end) change channel values (by 1, by `word' and to 0/maximum).

y yanks the current color as #rrggbb to the unnamed register, "xy to register x.

"xp/"xP gets the color from register x.

x swaps the current and alternate color.

q immediately quits.

The swatch and slider sizes are configurable, palettes and alternate colors can be switched off, see the source.
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package script version date Vim version user release notes
colorsel.zip 20110107 2011-04-20 7.0 David Necas Arguments in the form of "guifg=#001234 guibg=White" are supported now and buffer detection was fixed.  Thanks to Ingo Karkat and Tom for the patches.
colorsel.zip 20100406 2010-04-06 7.0 David Necas The plug-in now uses the autoload mechanism and, consequently, no longer comes in a single Vim file.  Pressing 'f' now also cycles through a state when no text displayed at all.  (Changes by Ingo Karkat)
colorsel.vim 20100401 2010-04-01 6.0 David Necas The color swatch shows text (with changeable proprties), ColorSel can directly edit a hlighlight group and there were several improvements to working with two colors. (Modifications by Ingo Karkat)
colorsel.vim 20090505 2009-05-05 6.0 David Necas Colours can be stored to a palette (vim registers are used for that).  The colour swatch can be split to show an alternate colour.  Vim 6.2 is required now.  A few small bugs were fixed.  (Enhancements thanks to Ingo Karkat.)
colorsel.vim 20090428 2009-04-28 6.0 David Necas ColorSel can be run with an rgb argument (in addition to rrggbb) or with a named color argument (basic CSS colors are supported).  If it is run with a bogus argument, the color is set to black.

Improvements thanks to Martin Junger.
colorsel.vim 20051121 2005-11-21 6.0 David Necas Compatibility with Vim 7 was fixed (thanks to Markus Trenkwalder).
colorsel.vim 20040416 2004-04-16 6.0 David Necas ColorSel now accepts an optional rrggbb color argument (with optional # prefix) to set the color to (either in an existing selector or when creating a new one). Thanks to Thomas Link for the idea.
colorsel.vim 20040303 2004-03-02 6.0 David Necas Initial upload
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