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cosmic-barf.vim color scheme 23 85 A dark, solarized based colorscheme
peachpuff256mod color scheme 0 123 peachpuff256mod is the terminal version of the vim builtin peachpuff color theme
vim-colors-nobold color scheme 0 34 Vim color schemes with "bold" attribute removed - except for text console.
smullyan.vim color scheme 0 58 Light colorscheme for brightly lit conditions.
voodooChild.vim color scheme 0 43 Low contrast colorscheme for low light conditions.
sahara.vim color scheme 3 65 Tweaked desert256 colorscheme
juvenile.vim color scheme 7 29 Colorscheme with only grey comments and non-text
vim-hardaway color scheme 19 118 Vim colorscheme with Airline integration.
rested color scheme 8 147 A desert based scheme with more colors.
Realcolors color scheme 0 89 Utilities for tweaking and creating 24-bit true color schemes for Vim at runtime
Gruvbox 8 color scheme 2 147 Simplified and optimized Gruvbox colorscheme
Libertine color scheme 2 262 A complex mix of seven strong bodied colors with citrus flavors and pine notes
Archery color scheme 3 147 Vim colorscheme inspired by Arch Linux colors
mintycode color scheme -28 447 Dark color scheme focusing on cool colors
Absolute color scheme 2 356 Light Colorscheme
WWDC17 color scheme 0 383 Colorful light color scheme inspired by WWDC17 page
eclipse-lite color scheme 3 524 a vim scheme appears to eclipse
dubs-midnight color scheme 0 333 An other member of the dubs color scheme family
Arcadia color scheme 1 579 Term and Gui
Broduo Color Scheme color scheme 0 408 A dark color scheme for Vim.
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