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Script Type Rating Down
greenwood color scheme 8 15 A green color scheme
Whisk color scheme 2 98 My vim color scheme
borlandp.vim color scheme 1 72 a Vim colorscheme that looks like good old Borland IDEs.
gruvbox-material color scheme 3 486 Gruvbox with Material Palette
vim-color-vanilla-cake color scheme 4 312 🍰 Light & Eye-friendly Color Scheme
vim-color-desert-night color scheme 5 254 🏜️  Dark, Warm, Eye-friendly Color Scheme
vim-serape color scheme 9 211 a bright and vivid color scheme
vim-color-forest-night color scheme 16 488 🌲 Comfortable & Pleasant Vim Color Scheme
SpaceCamp Lite color scheme 36 467 Vim colors for the final frontier.
SpaceCamp color scheme 42 622 Vim colors for the final frontier.
qbcolor.vim color scheme 0 220 a colorscheme that looks like good old Microsoft QuickBASIC.
notepad16 color scheme 50 984 notepad16 is a 16 color light theme for Vim
cosmic-barf.vim color scheme 90 1318 A dark, solarized based colorscheme
peachpuff256mod color scheme -1 980 peachpuff256mod is the terminal version of the vim builtin peachpuff color theme
vim-colors-nobold color scheme 0 605 Vim color schemes with "bold" attribute removed - except for text console.
smullyan.vim color scheme 0 584 Light colorscheme for brightly lit conditions.
voodooChild.vim color scheme 0 559 Low contrast colorscheme for low light conditions.
sahara.vim color scheme 9 636 Tweaked desert256 colorscheme
juvenile.vim color scheme 18 386 Colorscheme with only grey comments and non-text
vim-hardaway color scheme 72 1178 Vim colorscheme with Airline integration.
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