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Script Type Rating Down
enfocado color scheme 5 145 How themes should be.
4colors color scheme 5 103 Distraction-free theme that only uses 4 colors
VimSub color scheme 6 342 A color scheme that looks like the default Sublime Text 3 theme
VimAtom color scheme 2 300 A color scheme that looks like the default Atom theme
VimVSCode color scheme 14 467 A color scheme that looks like the default VSCode theme
vim-earthbound-themes color scheme 7 293 A set of 10+ color themes inspired by the SNES game Earthbound
Toast color scheme 4 281 A colorful, medium-contrast light and dark theme with full Vim and Nvim support
vim-macaw color scheme 17 258 A colorscheme editor for terminal vim
fogbell_light.vim color scheme 28 263 monochrome.
fogbell_lite.vim color scheme 25 218 monochrome.
fogbell.vim color scheme 24 229 monochrome.
sonokai color scheme 26 850 High Contrast & Vivid Color Scheme based on Monokai Pro
edge color scheme 31 727 Clean & Elegant Color Scheme inspired by Atom One and Material
astra color scheme -5 1518 astra
greenwood color scheme 60 697 A green color scheme
Whisk color scheme 2 378 My vim color scheme
borlandp.vim color scheme 2 380 a Vim colorscheme that looks like good old Borland IDEs.
gruvbox-material color scheme 36 1782 Gruvbox with Material Palette
vim-color-vanilla-cake color scheme 8 721 🍰 Light & Eye-friendly Color Scheme
vim-color-desert-night color scheme 14 642 🏜️  Dark, Warm, Eye-friendly Color Scheme
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