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Script Type Rating Down
wood.vim color scheme 21 1109 Wood cabin color scheme
wombat256.vim color scheme 577 50966 Wombat for 256 color xterms
Wombat color scheme 1210 29735 Dark gray color scheme sharing some similarities with Desert
wir_black color scheme 0 461 heavily modified ir_black theme for 255 terminals
wintersday.vim color scheme 16 1704 Dark color scheme
winter.vim color scheme 73 2117 light gray style
widower.vim color scheme 4 669 color scheme mostly red on black background
whitebox.vim color scheme 16 846 Light colorscheme with bright colors.
white.vim color scheme 18 1209 I like white background. May be you do too.
White Dust color scheme 5 2275 A light color scheme for GUI
White color scheme 5 427 color scheme only two colors
werks.vim color scheme 457 2631 A dark colorscheme inspired by desert.vim.
watermark color scheme 20 1434 a low contrast Color Scheme
Warm grey color scheme 22 2359 A monochromish, light slightly warm theme
wargreycolorscheme color scheme 19 984 Dark color scheme for terminal with full options
warez colorscheme color scheme 7 657 A transformation term >> gui jasonwryan colorscheme with modification
wabisabi color scheme -1 431 wabisabi.vim is a colorscheme of Gvim
vylight color scheme 80 4244 A color scheme that integrates well with OS X. Light background.
vydark color scheme 27 2401 A versatile, comfortable colour scheme for every day use. Dark background.
voodooChild.vim color scheme 0 101 Low contrast colorscheme for low light conditions.
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