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gitdiff.vim : show git diff in a split window

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created by
Bart Trojanowski
script type
This script provides two functions to display git diffs in vim.

:GITDiff [commitish]

    Split the vim window vertically, display the HEAD, or some other changeset, version of the file in the split, then diff them.

:GITChanges [commitish]

    Highlight lines that were changed since the HEAD or some other changeset.

Some examples:

:GITDiff HEAD~10

:GITChanges origin/master
:syntax on
install details
1. grab vimball (vimscript#1502) then:
2. vim gitdiff.vba
   :so %

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
gitdiff.vba 2 2007-05-02 6.0 Bart Trojanowski Needs vimball plugin (vimscript#1502)
Merged in vimscript#1881 to show changed lines.
gitdiff.vim 0.0 2007-03-30 6.0 Bart Trojanowski Initial upload
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