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rastafari.vim : color scheme for black terminal or GUI

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created by
Dominique PellÚ
script type
color scheme
This is a dark color scheme (for GUI or black terminal).  I named it rastafari bacause its main colors: black, green, red, gold.

It should work equally well for color terminal and GUI.


See also my ~/.vimrc highlighted with the rastafari colorscheme:
install details
Copy rastafari.vim either to ~/.vim/colors/ or ($HOME/vimfiles/colors/ on Windows)
Command to set: colorscheme rastafari

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script versions (upload new version)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
rastafari.vim 1.7 2010-07-04 6.0 Dominique PellÚ - updates for highlighting XML files
rastafari.vim 1.6 2009-07-08 6.0 Dominique PellÚ - Improved colors for vim-diff and many other updates.
rastafari.vim 1.5 2009-03-10 6.0 Dominique PellÚ - more consistency between GUI and cterm
- added more highlight groups
rastafari.vim 1.4 2009-01-25 6.0 Dominique PellÚ - tuned colors for doxygen, netrw, perl, diff
- added color for cursor
- make it more portable (if has('...'))
rastafari.vim 1.3 2008-04-20 6.0 Dominique PellÚ - check version of vim before setting spelling colors
- improved colors for Perl
- improved colors for Doxygen comments
- improved colors for diff
rastafari.vim 1.2 2008-03-25 6.0 Dominique PellÚ - improved consistency of GUI and cterm
rastafari.vim 1.1 2008-03-25 6.0 Dominique PellÚ - updated Visual and Pmenu colors. Improved consistency between GUI and cterm
rastafari.vim 1.0 2008-03-23 6.0 Dominique PellÚ Initial upload
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