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Auto Changing color script : Syntax highlight colors change gradually based on minutes of hour

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created by
Paul Contreras
script type
color scheme
Inspired by an ex (no pun intended) of mine who was good at producing music .

Colors chemes are all one color.  why? let's make it more creative.

And!! you don't have to get rid of your beloved color scheme, just add:
  let permanentColorScheme = "{YOURFAVSCHEME}" * see below

And it becomes active in between edits and :write cycles!

NEW!!  Help file added.  Please be patient, only function Rgb2a() explained.  I will get around to doing more.

To try it just open the changingColor.vim e.g.
  :e .vim/plugin/changingColor.vim

then try Ctrl-] over wherever you see Rgb2a().  You can help on the parameters.  It's even in the familiar vim help colours.  
install details
Open changingColor.vmb / vba in VIM, do a :so % on the command line.  Restart VIM completely.  Chaging color starts working ~ ten seconds.  Installs 4 files, changingColor.vim, changingColorHelp.txt, changingColorTags, and timer.vim.

TO REMOVE: easy, just do a :RmVimball changingColor and restart.  No need to put .vmb / vba at the end.  Once you restart it's gone completely.

* if you prefer to use your own fixed colorscheme, add this line to your _vimrc (in WINDOWS _vimrc is in \Program Files (86)\vim\_vimfiles,(*) on MAC it`s /Applications/MacVim.app/Contents/Resources/vim/gvimrc: * note to edit it in Win 7 etc.. you'll need to run your editor as Administrator)

  let permanentColorScheme = "{YOURFAVSCHEME}"
    let permanentColorScheme = "desert"
    ^^ COPY/PASTE this into your _vimrc otherwise you'll have to accept my default (darkblue i think)

This will become your "default" colorscheme when the changing one is not active.  The changing one switches on just after you :w a file.  It's switches back to not changing again as soon as you make changes to the buffer.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
changingColor.vba 19.2 2014-11-18 7.0 Paul Contreras Tweaked visibility of Normal, edge case.  Better now
changingColor.vba 19.1 2014-11-14 7.0 Paul Contreras Massive adjustment to fix visibility of Normal added context help for Rgb2a(). Now you can just press Ctrl-] over anywhere you see. Rgb2a() to jump straight to its definition.  From there you can get help on all its arguments.  This is finally starting to look damn good
changingColor.vba 19.0 2014-10-30 7.0 Paul Contreras Fix visibility of normal.  New! Some help available on SOME of the paremeters.  Try Rgb2a(..) all the paremters have help, hover over and press Ctrl-].  Not all parameters are covered and other functions are missing but please be patient  I will eventually get around to better explanations.
changingColor.vba 18.1 2014-10-25 7.0 Paul Contreras Bug fix.  Accidentally overwrote user's choice of color scheme did not check if it was already set. Fixed
changingColor.vmb 18.0 2014-04-24 7.0 Paul Contreras Made time passing effect co-operate with when you finish writing your changes vs. just browsing around text without editing it.  This latter now uses the more intuitively named 'permanent' color scheme.  If you want to change it the variable is called g:permanentColorScheme.  Simply set that to the string equalling the name of your favorite color scheme in your _vimrc, e.g. "koehler", or "morning". e.g. let g:permanentColorScheme = "keohler" Note: this used to be referred to unintuitively as | 'g:changingColorStop' in previous versions of this script.
changingColor.vba 17.4 2014-04-15 7.0 Paul Contreras Reduces flicker
changingColor.vba 17.3 2013-07-02 7.0 Paul Contreras Made sure this is the same version that includes the user-settable g:changingColorStop variable checks had it inconsistently done this before.  Now it's consistent
changingColor.vba 17.2 2013-06-21 7.0 Paul Contreras Modified to make user setable default color scheme
changingColor.vba 17.2 2013-05-10 7.0 Paul Contreras corrected a slight glitch that made the scren flicker every time you moved the cursor uneccessarily.  this sets a simple flag to stop it doing hence correcting the problem
changingColor.vba 17.2 2013-05-10 7.0 Paul Contreras Any movement in cursor, plus changes in current file in window, and entering Insert mode blips funkily back to a normal colour scheme, then after the few second delay the gradual changing colour scheme comes in, to remind you time is passing.  As you enter a new buffer, move the cursor, or insert again the color schemes blips back to normal .. if you don't like the color scheme easily change it by editing the bottom 3 lines of changingColor.vim, which is in ./.vim/ under plugin somewhere in mac, or <your user dir>/vimfiles/plugin in Windows 7
changingColor.vmb 17.2 2013-05-09 7.0 Paul Contreras This is a quick mod that adds a bit of fizz to the editing, a \"standard\" funky scheme is picked but as soon as you stop editing the \"changing one\" to remind you of time passing.  Good for keeping your boss off your case.  You can change my choice in color scheme if you like, just find your plugin directory in vim, hint, type :echo $VIM$ or :echo $VIMRUNTIME$, on mac it's in $HOME$/.vim/plugin, and change the bottom two lines of changingColor.vim.  You can change what \"event\" triggers this as well.
changingColor.vba 17.2 2011-05-17 7.0 Paul Contreras Made foreground NonText color same as that of Constant (prettier, not like that of ugly Normal, as I had b4)
changingColor.vba 17.1 2011-05-17 7.0 Paul Contreras You can now see the NonText character, before I had it so that you couldn't
changingColor.vba 17.0 2011-05-17 7.0 Paul Contreras Stopped Question and MoreMsg becoming invisible; visibility tweaks to NonText.
changingColor.vba 16.9 2011-04-26 7.0 Paul Contreras Brightened up Special an Identifier under low light
changingColor.vba 16.8 2011-04-25 7.0 Paul Contreras Unconfused mixup with fg and bg for Search and Visual, i got fg and bg wrong way.  Fixed and seems ok now.
changingColor.vba 16.7 2011-04-24 7.0 Paul Contreras Collated temporary variables into one single variable and used this.  Tweaked poor contrast of Search and Visual syntax elements.  Made code formatting more normal.
changingColor.vba 16.6 2011-01-19 7.0 Paul Contreras Made Changing Color Script install as a VimBall, to save you copying and pasting lines into your _vimrc.  See install instructions.
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