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Command-T : Fast file navigation for VIM

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Wincent Colaiuta
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The Command-T plug-in provides an extremely fast, intuitive mechanism for opening files with a minimal number of keystrokes. It's named "Command-T" because it is inspired by the "Go to File" window bound to Command-T in TextMate.

Files are selected by typing characters that appear in their paths, and are ordered by an algorithm which knows that characters that appear in certain locations (for example, immediately after a path separator) should be given more weight.

For more details and demonstration screencasts seen on the official Command-T website:


The latest version of the documentation can be viewed in the project Git repository:

install details
The preferred installation method is via Pathogen or some other plug-in management system, but if you really want to install from Vimball, open the vimball archive in Vim:

  vim command-t.vba

Then source it:

  :so %

The C extension must also be then compiled; for instance, if Vimball installs your plugin files in ~/.vim, then you would do this:

  cd ~/.vim/ruby/command-t
  ruby extconf.rb

Note that Command-T requires a version of VIM with Ruby support enabled, and it must be compiled using the same version of Ruby that Vim itself links against. For more details see the documentation.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
command-t-1.11.4.vba 1.11.4 2014-11-04 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - fix infinite loop on Windows when |g:CommandTTraverseSCM| is set to a value
  other than "pwd" (bug present since 1.11)
- handle unwanted split edgecase when |'hidden'| is set, the current buffer is
  modified, and it is visible in more than one window
command-t-1.11.3.vba 1.11.3 2014-10-11 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - ignore impromperly encoded filenames (patch from Sherzod Gapirov)
- fix failure to update path when using |:cd| in conjunction with
  |g:CommandTTraverseSCM| set to "pwd" (bug present since 1.11.2)
command-t-1.11.2.vba 1.11.2 2014-09-01 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - fix error while using Command-T outside of an SCM repo (bug present since
command-t-1.11.1.vba 1.11.1 2014-08-29 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - compatibility fixes with Ruby 1.8.6 (patch from Emily Strickland)
- compatibility fixes with Ruby 1.8.5
- fix 'wildignore' being ignored (bug present since 1.11)
- fix current working directory being ignored when |g:CommandTTraverseSCM| is
  set to "pwd" (bug present since 1.11)
- performance improvements
command-t-1.11.vba 1.11 2014-08-15 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - improve edge-case handling in match results window code (patches from
  Richard Feldman)
- add "git" file scanner (patch from Patrick Hayes)
- speed-up when 'wildignore' is unset (patch from Patrick Hayes)
- add |g:CommandTTraverseSCM| setting which anchors Command-T's file finder to
  the nearest SCM directory (based on patches from David Szotten and Ben
- add AppStream metadata (patch from Vít Ondruch)
command-t-1.10.vba 1.10 2014-07-16 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - improve tag finder performance by caching tag lists (patch from Artem
- consider the |'autowriteall'| option when deciding whether to open a file in
  a split
- make selection acceptance commands configurable (patch from Ole Petter Bang)
- add <C-w> mapping to delete previous word of the match prompt (patch from
  Kevin Webster)
- try harder to always clear status line after closing the match listing
  (patch from Ton van den Heuvel)
- don't allow MRU autocommands to produce errors when the extension has not
  been compiled
- add |g:CommandTIgnoreCase| and |g:CommandTSmartCase| options, providing
  support for case-sensitive matching (based on patch from Jacek Wysocki)
command-t-1.9.1.vba 1.9.1 2014-05-30 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - include the file in the release vimball archive that was missing from the
  1.9 release
command-t-1.9.vba 1.9 2014-05-25 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - improved startup time using Vim's autload mechanism (patch from Ross
- added MRU (most-recently-used) buffer finder (patch from Ton van den Heuvel)
- fixed edge case in matching algorithm which could cause spurious matches
  with queries containing repeated characters
- fixed slight positive bias in the match scoring algorithm's weighting of
  matching characters based on distance from last match
- tune memoization in match scoring algorithm, yield a more than 10% speed
command-t-1.8.vba 1.8 2014-04-01 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - taught Watchman file scanner to use the binary protocol instead of JSON,
  roughly doubling its speed
- build changes to accommodate MinGW (patch from Roland Puntaier)
command-t-1.7.vba 1.7 2014-03-10 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - added |g:CommandTInputDebounce|, which can be used to improve responsiveness
  in large file hierarchies (based on patch from Yiding Jia)
- added a potentially faster file scanner which uses the `find` executable
  (based on patch from Yiding Jia)
- added a file scanner that knows how to talk to Watchman
- added |g:CommandTFileScanner|, which can be used to switch file scanners
- fix processor count detection on some platforms (patch from Pavel Sergeev)
command-t-1.6.1.vba 1.6.1 2013-12-23 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - defer processor count detection until runtime (makes it possible to sensibly
  build Command-T on one machine and use it on another)
command-t-1.6.vba 1.6 2013-12-16 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - on systems with POSIX threads (such as OS X and Linux), Command-T will use
  threads to compute match results in parallel, resulting in a large speed
  boost that is especially noticeable when navigating large projects
command-t-1.5.1.vba 1.5.1 2013-09-24 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - exclude large benchmark fixture file from source exports (patch from Vít
command-t-1.5.vba 1.5 2013-09-18 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - don't scan "pathological" filesystem structures (ie. circular or
  self-referential symlinks; patch from Marcus Brito)
- gracefully handle files starting with "+" (patch from Ivan Ukhov)
- switch default selection highlight color for better readability (suggestion
  from André Arko), but make it possible to configure via the
  |g:CommandTHighlightColor| setting
- added a mapping to take the current matches and put then in the quickfix
- performance improvements, particularly noticeable with large file
- added |g:CommandTWildIgnore| setting (patch from Paul Jolly)
command-t-1.4.vba 1.4 2012-06-20 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - added |:CommandTTag| command (patches from Noon Silk)
- turn off |'colorcolumn'| and |'relativenumber'| in the match window (patch
  from Jeff Kreeftmeijer)
- documentation update (patch from Nicholas Alpi)
- added |:CommandTMinHeight| option (patch from Nate Kane)
- highlight (by underlining) matched characters in the match listing (requires
  Vim to have been compiled with the +conceal feature, which is available in
  Vim 7.3 or later; patch from Steven Moazami)
- added the ability to flush the cache while the match window is open using
command-t-1.3.1.vba 1.3.1 2011-12-18 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - fix jumplist navigation under Ruby 1.9.x (patch from Woody Peterson)
command-t-1.3.vba 1.3 2011-11-28 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - added the option to maintain multiple caches when changing among
  directories; see the accompanying |g:CommandTMaxCachedDirectories| setting
- added the ability to navigate using the Vim jumplist (patch from Marian
command-t-1.2.1.vba 1.2.1 2011-05-01 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - Remove duplicate copy of the documentation that was causing "Duplicate tag"
- Mitigate issue with distracting blinking cursor in non-GUI versions of Vim
  (patch from Steven Moazami)
command-t-1.2.vba 1.2 2011-04-30 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - added |g:CommandTMatchWindowReverse| option, to reverse the order of items
  in the match listing (patch from Steven Moazami)
command-t-1.1b2.vba 1.1b2 2011-03-27 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - fix a glitch in the release process; the plugin itself is unchanged since 1.1b
command-t-1.1b.vba 1.1b 2011-03-27 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - add |:CommandTBuffer| command for quickly selecting among open buffers
command-t-1.0.1.vba 1.0.1 2011-01-05 7.2 Wincent Colaiuta - work around bug when mapping |:CommandTFlush|, wherein the default mapping
  for |:CommandT| would not be set up
- clean up when leaving the Command-T buffer via unexpected means (such as
  with <C-W k> or similar)
command-t-1.0.vba 1.0 2010-11-26 7.2 Wincent Colaiuta - make relative path simplification work on Windows
command-t-1.0b.vba 1.0b 2010-11-05 7.2 Wincent Colaiuta - work around platform-specific Vim 7.3 bug seen by some users (wherein
  Vim always falsely reports to Ruby that the buffer numbers is 0)
- re-use the buffer that is used to show the match listing, rather than
  throwing it away and recreating it each time Command-T is shown; this
  stops the buffer numbers from creeping up needlessly
command-t-0.8.1.vba 0.8.1 2010-09-14 7.2 Wincent Colaiuta - fix mapping issues for users who have set |'notimeout'| (patch from Sung Pae)
command-t-0.8.vba 0.8 2010-08-19 7.2 Wincent Colaiuta - overrides for the default mappings can now be lists of strings, allowing multiple mappings to be defined for any given action
- <Leader>t mapping only set up if no other map for |:CommandT| exists (patch from Scott Bronson)
- prevent folds from appearing in the match listing
- tweaks to avoid the likelihood of "Not enough room" errors when trying to open files
- watch out for "nil" windows when restoring window dimensions
- optimizations (avoid some repeated downcasing)
- move all Ruby files under the "command-t" subdirectory and avoid polluting the "Vim" module namespace
command-t-0.8b.vba 0.8b 2010-07-11 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - large overhaul if the scoring algorithm to make the ordering of returned results more intuitive; given the scope of the changes and room for optimization of the new algorithm, this release is labelled as "beta"
command-t-0.7.vba 0.7 2010-06-10 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - handle more |'wildignore'| patterns by delegating to VIM's own |expand()| function; with this change it is now viable to exclude patterns such as 'vendor/rails/**' in addition to filename-only patterns like '*.o' and '.git' (patch from Mike Lundy)
- always sort results alphabetically for empty search strings; this eliminates filesystem-specific variations (patch from Mike Lundy)
command-t-0.6.vba 0.6 2010-04-29 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - |:CommandT| now accepts an optional parameter to specify the starting directory, temporarily overriding the usual default of VIM's |:pwd|
- fix truncated paths when operating from root directory
command-t-0.5.1.vba 0.5.1 2010-04-11 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - fix for Ruby 1.9 compatibility regression introduced in 0.5
- documentation enhancements, specifically targetted at Windows users
command-t.vba 0.5 2010-04-03 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - |:CommandTFlush| now re-evaluates settings, allowing changes made via |:let| to be picked up without having to restart VIM
- fix premature abort when scanning very deep directory hierarchies
- remove broken |<Esc>| key mapping on vt100 and xterm terminals
- provide settings for overriding default mappings
- minor performance optimization
command-t.vba 0.4 2010-03-27 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - add |g:CommandTMatchWindowAtTop| setting (patch from Zak Johnson)
- documentation fixes and enhancements
- internal refactoring and simplification
command-t.vba 0.3 2010-03-24 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - add |g:CommandTMaxHeight| setting for controlling the maximum height of the match window (patch from Lucas de Vries)
- fix bug where |'list'| setting might be inappropriately set after dismissing Command-T
- compatibility fix for different behaviour of "autoload" under Ruby 1.9.1
- avoid "highlight group not found" warning when run under a version of VIM that does not have syntax highlighting support
- open in split when opening normally would fail due to |'hidden'| and |'modified'| values
command-t.vba 0.2 2010-03-23 7.0 Wincent Colaiuta - compatibility fixes for compilation under Ruby 1.9 series
- compatibility fixes for compilation under Ruby 1.8.5
- compatibility fixes for Windows and other non-UNIX platforms
- suppress "mapping already exists" message if <Leader>t mapping is already defined when plug-in is loaded
- exclude paths based on |'wildignore'| setting rather than a hardcoded regular expression
command-t.vba 0.1 2010-03-22 7.2 Wincent Colaiuta Initial upload
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