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savemap.vim : savemap is the library to save current mapping(s)/abbreviation(s)

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Repository: http://github.com/tyru/savemap.vim

- Vim 7.3 or higher

|savemap| is the library to provide a way
to restore current mapping(s)/abbreviation(s) "perfectly".

...But remember, you can always use |:map-<buffer>| for "simple" case.

    nmap foo blahblahblah

    let foo_nmap = savemap#save_map('n', 'foo')
    if empty(foo_nmap)
        echoerr 'your vim version is lower than 7.3.032!'

    nmap foo bar
    " Execute 'bar'.
    normal foo

    call foo_nmap.restore()
    " Execute 'blahblahblah'.
    normal foo

Omit 2nd arg of |savemap#save_map()| to save all mappings of the mode.
    let normal_mappings = savemap#save_map('n')
    if empty(normal_mappings)
        echoerr 'your vim version is lower than 7.3.032!'

   " Clear!

    " Map own mappings.
    nnoremap a b
    nnoremap c d

        ... " Do it
        call normal_mappings.restore()
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package script version date Vim version user release notes
savemap.zip 0.2.0 2011-02-19 7.0 tyru - change the specification of |savemap#save_map()|, |savemap#save_abbr()|.
- Even if {lhs} was omitted, Returns |Dictionary| not |List|.
- fix the bug ignoring a non-<buffer> mapping when a <buffer> mapping exists with same lhs-es.
- improve |savemap#save_map()| and |savemap#save_abbr()|.
- you can filter mappings you want by following conditions:
- lhs (literaly, regexp)
- rhs (literaly, regexp)
- <silent>
- remap
- <expr>
- <buffer>
- modes
- add some methods of the return value of
  |savemap#save_map()| and |savemap#save_abbr()|.
- see |savemap-restore-object| for details.
- change the license.
savemap.zip 0.0.0 2010-11-07 7.3 tyru Initial upload
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