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ozzy.vim : Database-driven file search

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Giacomo .
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Database-driven file search. Ozzy does not perform a runtime file search.
Instead, it keeps track of all files you open over time into an external database,
so that you can open them regardless your current working directory.
The only thing you are required to do in order to open a certain file is to edit it at least once.



This is the most important command. Use this command and a small window will
popup at the bottom of the Vim window with a special command line. Start typing
the file you want to open and you'll see the list updating as you type. Below there
is list of all the mappings you can use to interact with the window:

  * UP, TAB, CTRL+K: move up in the list.

  * DOWN, CTRL+J: move down in the list.

  * RETURN, CTRL+O, CTRL+E: open the selected file.

  * ESC, CTRL+C: close the list.

  * CTRL+D: delete the selected file (it won't show up anymore in the list until
                     you'll edit that file again).

  * CTRL+U: clear the current search.


To remove all tracked files from the database.

Calculator on the fly

Ozzy integrates a tiny calculator. Just type some arithmetic expressions in the
command line and you'll see the result. The expressions must follow the `python`
notation, so you'll have to use the `**` operator in order to compute the power of a
number. All functions from the python `math` module are also available.
install details

Install with Pathogen, Vundle, Neobundle or any other plugin manager.


  * Vim 7.3+ compiled with python 2.6+
  * Unix, Mac OS X

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
ozzy-3.3.zip 3.3 2013-06-24 7.3 Giacomo . - Minor changes in the matching process. Now it's hopefully a little more intelligent.
- Improve vim settings management in the launcher window.
- Add new setting 'g:ozzy_show_file_names'.
- Fix: the size of opened windows is no more affected by the opening of the launcher.
- Fix: issues with characters such as '%' and quotes.
- Fix: the launcher now gets closed correctly with Ctrl+C.
- Fix: issues with file names containing white spaces.
ozzy-3.1.zip 3.1 2013-04-23 7.3 Giacomo . - Add new 'project mode' functionality to limit searches in the current project directory
- Add new command 'OzzyToggleMode'
- Add new settings 'g:ozzy_project_mode_flag' and 'g:ozzy_global_mode_flag'
- Add new settings 'g:ozzy_default_mode' and 'g:ozzy_root_markers'  
- Change the default look of the prompt
ozzy-3.0.zip 3.0 2013-03-28 7.3 Giacomo . - Add unicode support for file names. - Remove the OzzyIndex command.
ozzy-2.0.1.zip 2.0.1 2013-02-13 7.3 Giacomo . - fix database creation on linux platform
ozzy-2.0.zip 2.0 2013-02-12 7.3 Giacomo . - added a brand new interface for the Ozzy command
ozzy-0.9.1.zip 0.9.1 2013-01-29 7.3 Giacomo . - added new setting g:ozzy_db_path to set a custom database path.
- fixed possible conflicts with other plugins.
ozzy-0.8.0.zip 0.8.0 2012-11-02 7.3 Giacomo . * new OzzyScope command * backward incompatibility issue: 'most_recent' and 'most_frequent' modes renamed respectively to 'most recent' and 'most frequent'. Removed 'g:ozzy_open_files_recursively' option.  
ozzy-0.7.2.zip 0.7.2 2012-10-31 7.3 Giacomo . * fixed some behavior issues with OzzyAddDirectory, OzzyOpen commands and in the inspector buffer.  
ozzy-0.7.1.zip 0.7.1 2012-10-30 7.3 Giacomo . * added new useful information in the inspector buffer.
* more intelligent command line completion.
* in 'distance' ordering files with same relative distance are ordered by last access time.
* more consistent directory opening with the Ozzy command
ozzy-0.7.0.zip 0.7.0 2012-10-28 7.3 Giacomo . * better memory management.  
* support for filenames that contain non english characters.  
* new arguments '..' and '...' for the OzzyAddDirectory command.  
* new argument '%' for the OzzyRemove command.  
* new 'c', '*' and '_' mappings in the Inspector buffer.  
* command line completions can be ordered by relative distance to the cwd.  
* minor bug fixes.  
ozzy-0.6.1.zip 0.6.1 2012-10-24 7.3 Giacomo . - improved performance.
- better cursor management inside the inspector.  
- fixed bug: inconsistent internal buffers management.
ozzy-0.6.0.zip 0.6.0 2012-10-22 7.3 Giacomo . - now Ozzy opens all files recursively when using the Ozzy command with a directory name as argument.
- fixed bugs: error message using OzzyKeepLast command.
ozzy-0.5.zip 0.5 2012-10-21 7.3 Giacomo . - added OzzyAddDirectory command to quickly add to the database all files contained into a given directory.
- added case insensitive files opening and command line completion.
- fixed minor bugs.    
ozzy-0.4.zip 0.4 2012-10-12 7.3 Giacomo . - improved command line completion
- added a new mode ('context') to open the closest file with the given name
- fixed bugs: error when opening a file with spaces
ozzy-0.3.zip 0.3 2012-10-08 7.3 Giacomo . added ability to open multiple files at once and fixed bugs
ozzy-0.2.zip 0.2 2012-10-07 7.3 Giacomo . added command line completion and fixed bugs
ozzy-0.1.zip 0.1 2012-10-06 7.3 Giacomo . initial upload
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