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Vimogen : Vim Plugin Manager using Pathogen and Git

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ryan kulla
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For full instructions and the latest version of Vimogen, see: https://github.com/rkulla/vimogen

Vimogen is perhaps the easiest way to install, remove, or update Vim plugins.

Essentially a Pathogen bundle manager that manages the installing/deleting/updating of all your Vim plugins through a shell script that manages git repositories, Vimogen makes it easy to keep all of your Vim plugins synchronized across different machines.

Simply create a manifest file in your home directory called .vimogen_repos (or let vimogen generate one for you) and put git URLs to Vim plugins in it, one line at a time, like:


(Fortunately, all of the plug-ins on vim.org are mirrored on github here: https://github.com/vim-scripts/. And there are even more plug-ins on github.)

Running vimogen will give you the option to install, update, or uninstall the Vim plugins you use.

    1) INSTALL
    3) UPDATE
    4) EXIT
    Enter the number of the menu option to perform: 1

If you choose INSTALL, then it will a "git clone" on each of the git repositories that you specified in ~/.vimogen_repos into your Pathogen dir (~/.vim/bundle). It will skip any directories that already exist. You can also append new plugin repos to the .vimogen_repos file later and install them incrementally by re- running Vimogen\\'s install command.

If you choose UNINSTALL, it will give you a list of all your plugins to choose from:

    1) EXIT
    2) ctrlp
    3) nerdtree
    4) pydiction
    5) vim-fugitive
    6) vim-surround
    7) ZenCoding
    Enter the number of the plugin you wish to uninstall:

If you choose UPDATE, then it will run a "git pull" on all of your bundles. This is great because you can stay up-to-date with all the new features the plugin authors create just by re-running this command often.
install details
Vimogen's official home page is https://github.com/rkulla/vimogen

Installation is optional as Vimogen consists merely of a single Bash shell script.

Create a manifest file called $HOME/.vimogen_repos that consists of just git repositories. I supplied a sample .vimogen_repos file which contains the plugins that I like to use; make up your own, though.

Note that Vimogen will auto-generate $HOME/.vimogen_repos if you run it without creating the file first. It will genereate it based off the current pathogen bundles you already have, if any, as long as they also contain git repositories.


    git clone git://github.com/rkulla/vimogen.git
    chmod u+x vimogen.sh
    cp vimogen.sh ~/bin/vimogen

or put it somewhere else in your $PATH if you do not like ~/bin.

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vimogen-1.4.1.zip 1.4.1 2014-03-27 7.0 ryan kulla Adds better user interface
vimogen-1.4.zip 1.4 2014-03-20 7.0 ryan kulla New features and bug fixes. See README
vimogen-1.3.zip 1.3 2013-02-13 7.0 ryan kulla Fixed a bug with skipping directories.Documentation enhancements.
vimogen-1.2.zip 1.2 2013-02-11 7.0 ryan kulla Initial upload
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