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tabwins.vim : Create Tabs of symmetric or asymmetric Windows, empty or populated

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created by
Charles Sheridan
script type
Easy access to the power of the Vim GUI.

"I'm very impressed with it. It gets my highest accolade: the coveted 'Why The
Hell Isn't This Functionality Built-In To Vim' award."
- Damian Conway

See the screen shots at

1 command for immediate access to customized window structures
and content ~during~ Vim sessions.

The Developer
  - Avoids hit-or-miss, time-consuming, manual, repetitious
    runs of :split/:vsplit, and thought-sinks about how
    to produce the intended window structure

  - Avoids losing current configurations due to mid-session
    reloads of backed-up Vim sessions that have preferred
    window structures

  - Avoids loss of focus from these discontinuities


  :{Tabwins cmd}   {window_dimensions}; {fill_spec,...};  {tab_option, ...}
  :{symmetric cmd}                                         {fill_spec,...};  {tab_option, ...}

     :{Tabwins cmd} is any of :Tabwins, :TabwinsVertical, :TabwinsHorizontal
     Aliases                              :T,               :V,                        & :H
     About aliases, see tabwins.txt section "Configuration"/TabwinsConfiguration.

     :{symmetric cmd} is any of the form :{V|H}IxJ or :{V|H}I  

     is a file, dir, shell/vim var, or string evaluable
     by :execute -- see EXAMPLES

     has Vim key:value pair syntax -- see EXAMPLES

  Semicolons separate arg groups, commas separate inside groups.

  {window_dimensions} is the only mandatory arg, for :{Tabwins cmd}

  SECTION "Usage/"TabwinsUsage IN tabwins.txt HAS MORE DETAIL.


  >> ----------------------------------------------------------------
  >> Empty Windows
  >> ----------------------------------------------------------------

  :Tabwins 1211
  :T               1211
  " For a new tab of 4 columns of 1, 2, 1, & 1 windows successively
  " left to right.

  :TabwinsHorizontal 4221
  :H                               4221
  " For a new tab of 4 rows, with 4,2,2, & 1 windows successively
  " top to bottom.

  >> ----------------------------------------------------------------
  >> Populated Windows
  >> ----------------------------------------------------------------

  :Tabwins            1211; $HOME, '~/.bashrc', '~/.vimrc', '/', '/usr/bin'
  :T                  {                   as above                        }
  " 'fill_content' specs of files are automatically opened via :edit,
  " while specs of dirs are opened via :Explore
  " (Specify the '' empty string for windows intended to be empty.)

  :Tabwins           11111; $HOME, '~/.bashrc', '~/.vimrc', '/', '/usr/bin'
  :T                 {                    as above                        }
  " Same buffer content, in different window structure, of 5 cols,
  " one window in each.

  :TabwinsHorizontal 11111; $HOME, '~/.bashrc', '~/.vimrc', '/', '/usr/bin'
  :H                 {                    as above                        }
  " Flip axis priority of above to the horizontal

  :Tabwins             312; '~/.bashrc', '~/.vimrc', '~/.git', $HOME, '/', '/usr/bin'
  :T                   {                  as above                                  }

  >> ----------------------------------------------------------------
  >> Symmetric Window Structures
  >> ----------------------------------------------------------------
  In a symmetric window, all secondary axis dimensions are the same.

  " Empty windows


  :V5x1 $HOME, '~/.bashrc', '~/.vimrc', '/', '/usr/bin'
  " Structure & content same as :Tabwins 11111 above

  :V5   $HOME, '~/.bashrc', '~/.vimrc', '/', '/usr/bin'
  " Same result again: since the secondary axis has only 1
  " window for its dimensions, V5 is available as an even
  " shorter alias.

  >> ----------------------------------------------------------------
  >> Dimensions >9
  >> ----------------------------------------------------------------

  :Tabwins [ 5, 8, 13, 21 ]
  :T               [ 5, 8, 13, 21 ]
  " For a 4-column tab with 5, 8, 13, 21 windows successively left to right.

  :Tabwins [ 14, 14 ]
  :T       [ 14, 14 ]
  " Or, :V2x14

  :Tabwins [ 40, 30, 40, 30 ]
  :T               [ 40, 30, 40, 30 ]
  " For large monitors ...

  >> ----------------------------------------------------------------
  >> fill_specs with Multiple Commands
  >> ----------------------------------------------------------------

  :Tabwins 1112;  $HOME, '~/.bashrc', '~/.vimrc', '/', 'Explore /usr/bin | resize 20'
  :T                {                           as above                                     }
  " Does a :resize of the last window, via Vim '|' command concat.  If a file
  " or dir is followed with concated commands, the caller needs to explicitly
  " add the command that opens the file or dir, i.e. 'Explore' in this example.

  >> ----------------------------------------------------------------
  >> Tab Options
  >> ----------------------------------------------------------------

  :Tabwins 1211;  $HOME, '~/.bashrc', '~/.vimrc', '/', '/usr/bin'; 'ending_window_number' : 2
  :Tabwins 1211;  $HOME, '~/.bashrc', '~/.vimrc', '/', '/usr/bin'; 'netrw_liststyle'      : 3
  :T                 {                    as above                                                                       }

  :Tabwins 1211;  $HOME, '~/.bashrc', '~/.vimrc', '/', '/usr/bin'; 'netrw_liststyle'      : 3, 'ending_window_number' : 2
  :T                 {                    as above                                                                                                                       }
  " Multiple tab_options in same command.


  Default settings load Vim menu Tabwins, for access to selected
  tab-builder commands.  Those and additional tab builders are
  available via Vim commands defined in tabwins.vim. The menu has
  only a small portion of the tab builders defined in tabwins.vim.


  :TabwinsFindTabwins loads the tabwins .vim & .txt files
  into a V2 window, if your Vim &runtimepath can see them.

  :TabwinsFindTabwins is in the 'Tabwins' menu.


  The top-level of the github repository includes an html
  version of this Vim .txt file, viewable in rendered form via

http://modcult.org/posts.html -- entry for Nov 13 2013
install details
  tabwins.vim tabwins/ dir is structured for deployment in a
  pathogen-managed bundle directory, e.g. ~/.vim/bundle/

  If pathogen is not installed, copy the the files in the tabwins
  subdirs to the same subdirs in ~/.vim.

  Enable :h tabwins in a pathogen environment with
  and in a non-pathogen environment with

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script versions (upload new version)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
tabwins.v3.1.0.tgz 3.1.0 2013-12-08 7.0 Charles Sheridan 1. For fill_specs that are files, put line #1 at window top.
2. tabwins.txt: correct Fill_tab() key 'dir_cmd_name'     to 'explore_cmd_name'
3. tabwins.txt: correct 'tabwins_dir_reader_name_default' to 'tabwins_explore_cmd_name_default'
4. tabwins.txt: various improvements.
tabwins.v3.0.0.tgz 3.0.0 2013-12-03 7.0 Charles Sheridan 0. No behavioral changes to command logic.
1. Tab option 'line_number_at_window_top'
   renamed => 'line_number_at_netrw_window_top'

2. Add configurable build of command aliases :T, :V, :H, and :TF
   for :Tabwins* commands.  An alias is NOT BUILT IF an existing
   command has the same name.  See ""Configuration"/*TabwinsConfiguration*
   in tabwins.txt.

3. All defaults to Fill_tab() are now user-configurable global vars.

4. Most functions converted to vimscript ':s' scope -- the
   Explore_*() functions and Fill_tab() are the exceptions.

5. Demo tabs are now :Tabwins* commands rather than functions.
6. Remove the :Ot* abbreviated commands for the demo tabs.
7. tabwins.txt: Add example builder command, & various improvements.
8. Comments in code cleaned up.
tabwins.v2.2.0.tgz 2.2.0 2013-11-24 7.0 Charles Sheridan - CLI commands support tab_option args
        ALL tabwins.vim capability is now available directly to
        the Vim command line.  A developer should not have to call
        functions in tabwins.vim to create a tabwins command.

- Configurable reloadability of tabwins.vim.

- Add :TabwinsFindTabwins and include it in the 'Tabwins' menu.

- Function Fill_tab() arg 'fill_content' renamed => 'fill_specs'

- Rework documentation.
tabwins.v2.1.0.tgz 2.1.0 2013-11-17 7.0 Charles Sheridan Enable command-line spec of window content.
tabwins-master.v2.0.0.tgz 2.0.0 2013-11-13 7.0 Charles Sheridan 1) As previewed in v1.8.0, the predefined asymmetric :{VH}{I} commands are removed, replaced with calls to :TabwinsVertical, :TabwinsHorizontal, and :Tabwins.  All the Create_tab_{vh}*() commands are removed, as the :Tabwins* commands can create the same tabs, with arbitrary dimensions.

2) Addition of :Tabwins, establishing a plugin default to :TabwinsVertical

3) Lots of updates to comments, reflecting 1) & 2)
tabwins-master.tgz 1.8.0 2013-11-13 7.0 Charles Sheridan New commands :TabwinsVertical and :TabwinsHorizontal to create arbitrarily-dimensioned symmetric AND asymmetric tabs.  In v.1.7.0, each asymmetric command required creation of a dedicated function, which is no longer the case.  

Most of the predefined asymmetric commands in v.1.7.0 will be removed in a later release.
tabwins-master.zip 1.7.0 2013-11-11 7.0 Charles Sheridan Initial upload
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