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diffchar.vim : Highlight the exact differences, based on characters and words

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created by
Rick Howe
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This plugin has been developed in order to make diff mode more useful. Vim highlights all the text in between the first and last different characters on a changed line. But this plugin will find the exact differences between them, character by character - so called DiffChar.

For example, in diff mode: ( [DiffText], <DiffAdd> )

    (window A) The [quick brown fox jumps over the lazy] dog.
    (window B) The [lazy fox jumps over the quick brown] dog.

this plugin will exactly show the changed and added units:

    (window A) The [quick] <brown >fox jumps over the [lazy] dog.
    (window B) The [lazy] fox jumps over the [quick] <brown >dog.

For details and demo samples, please visit the following git repository:

Update : 6.5
* Enhanced:
  - if DiffModeSync is enabled (default), whenever a window becomes or loses diff mode, refresh to select the corresponding 2 diff mode windows and then show the DiffChar highlights.
  - if DiffUpdate is enabled (default), interactively update the DiffChar highlights in a split window while editing in any of other split windows.
  - when a split window is closed, switch the existing DiffChar highlights to a remaining split window.
* Fixed:
  - mapped <F7> and <F8> keys as a default even if they were already mapped.
  - did not update the plugin's specific color when changing color scheme.
  - did not clear a diff pair cursor when the cursor moved to another window.
  - lost the control of the DiffChar highlights when opening the same file in different tab pages.
install details
Install 'rickhowe/diffchar.vim' by using your plugin manager. Or manually unzip and copy all folders in your ~/.vim or ~/vimfiles.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
diffchar6.5.zip 6.5 2016-12-23 7.0 Rick Howe Enhanced to handle multiple diff mode windows and split windows. Fixed Some defects.
diffchar6.4.zip 6.4 2016-10-22 7.0 Rick Howe Fixed some defects.
diffchar6.3.zip 6.3 2016-10-12 7.0 Rick Howe Introduced g:DiffPairVisible to make difference pairs more visible. Fixed Some defects.
diffchar6.2.zip 6.2 2016-06-12 7.0 Rick Howe Enhanced to always keep the diffchar highlights updated while editing. Fixed some defects.
diffchar6.1.zip 6.1 2016-03-11 7.0 Rick Howe Improved a workaround for vim 7.4.682 not to disappear vim's DiffChange/DiffText highlights, and so on.
diffchar6.0.zip 6.0 2016-01-30 7.0 Rick Howe Defined a new TDChar command, changed the default value of g:DiffUnit from 'Char' to 'Word1', and more enhancements and fixes.
diffchar.vim 5.5 2015-11-23 7.0 Rick Howe Introduced g:DiffModeSync to synchronously show/reset the highlights as the diff mode starts/ends. Changed to enable g:DiffUpdate as a default. Fixed several defects.
diffchar.vim 5.4 2015-10-06 7.0 Rick Howe Enhanced to show a position of a deleted unit with underline, and more.
diffchar.vim 5.3 2015-09-06 7.0 Rick Howe Performance improved for long lines and some defects fixed when the diff command is used for the diff tracing.
diffchar.vim 5.2 2015-08-15 7.0 Rick Howe Enhanced to provide a stable performance by splitting the diff tracing with this plugin's algorithm and the diff command.
diffchar.vim 5.1 2015-06-01 7.0 Rick Howe A workaround for patch 7.4.682, diff highlights can not be overwritten and will be left in all the lines.
diffchar.vim 5.0 2015-05-07 7.0 Rick Howe Improved to be 1.5 ~ 2.0 times faster. Introduced g:DiffMaxRatio to keep performance for long less-similar lines.
diffchar.vim 4.9 2015-02-18 7.0 Rick Howe Fixed DiffCharExpr() to keep the appropriate performance for large files.
diffchar.vim 4.81 2015-01-13 7.0 Rick Howe Enhanced to make DiffCharExpr() a bit faster by using uniq() or so.
diffchar.vim 4.8 2015-01-12 7.0 Rick Howe Enhanced to set the threshold for diffexpr option to switch internal/external to be faster on less differences and stable on many ones. Changed the way to select windows among more than 2 windows.
diffchar.vim 4.7 2014-12-26 7.0 Rick Howe Enhanced to use faster this plugin's diff algorithm and initially show exact differences on diff mode. Enhanced to make the key mappings configurable. Fixed to correctly adjust the iwhite unit position.
diffchar.vim.vim 4.6 2014-11-26 7.0 Rick Howe Fixed to correctly handle the color order and always highlight the first changed unit with DiffText in any color mode of g:DiffColors.
diffchar.vim 4.5 2014-11-08 7.0 Rick Howe Fixed to show the last "brown" on above example as added (not changed) units and to use your global variables defined in vimrc.
diffchar.vim 4.4 2014-07-21 7.0 Rick Howe Enhanced to follow diffopt's icase/iwhite options and to draw faster with a new function.
diffchar.vim 4.3 2014-07-03 7.0 Rick Howe Enhanced to differently show added/deleted/changed difference units with original diff highlightings.
diffchar.vim 4.2 2014-06-20 7.0 Rick Howe Enhanced to update the highlighted DiffChar units while editing.
diffchar.vim 4.1 2014-06-14 7.0 Rick Howe Implemented to echo a matching unit with its color when jumping cursor. And fixed a defect.
diffchar.vim 4.0 2014-06-11 7.0 Rick Howe Enhanced to easily find each difference unit pair on both windows.
diffchar.vim 3.6 2014-06-06 7.0 Rick Howe Added two difference unit types, "Word3" and "CSV(c)"
diffchar.vim 3.5 2014-06-01 7.0 Rick Howe Fixed defects: DiffChar highlighting units do not override/hide hlsearch.
diffchar.vim 3.4 2014-05-30 7.0 Rick Howe Enhanced to support individual DiffChar handling on each tab page.
diffchar.vim 3.3 2014-05-28 7.0 Rick Howe Enhanced to jump cursor to the DiffChar highlighting units.
diffchar.vim 3.2 2014-05-26 7.0 Rick Howe Enhanced to follow diff mode without any limitations.
diffchar.vim 3.1 2014-05-19 7.0 Rick Howe Enhanced for individual line by line highlightings and window layout handling.
diffchar.vim 3.0 2014-05-16 7.0 Rick Howe Implemented word by word differences.
diffchar.vim 2.1 2014-05-06 7.0 Rick Howe Coding changes in the O(NP) function for readability.
diffchar.vim 2.0 2014-05-05 7.0 Rick Howe Implemented the O(NP) and O(ND) Difference algorithms to improve the performance.
diffchar.vim 1.0 2014-05-02 7.0 Rick Howe Initial upload
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