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Fist of Vim : Super simple and awesome gist support for vim

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created by
Akshay Hegde
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Fist of Vim

Fast, simple and super awesome Gist-ing for Vim.

For the latest version of this plugin, go to: https://github.com/ajh17/vim-fist


Fist of Vim depends on the gist command line tool. You can install and configure it by running:

    [sudo] gem install gist
    gist --login


Fist of Vim defines these mappings:

<leader>p - Create a new gist

<leader>u - Update an existing gist

<leader>l - List your gists

Fist of Vim also sets the filetype and syntax completely automatically without you having to set it! Impressive, huh?

You can use Fist of Vim with a visual selection, or in normal mode, in which case, it is motion based.

For example, in normal mode, <leader>pG will create a new gist from the cursor to the end of file. In visual mode, simply visually select what you want gisted and then hit <leader>p to create a new gist.
install details
If you don't have a preferred installation method, I recommend installing
[pathogen.vim](https://github.com/tpope/vim-pathogen), and then simply copy and

    cd ~/.vim/bundle
    git clone git://github.com/ajh17/vim-fist.git

Once the helptags have been generated, see `:h vim-fist` for usage.

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script versions (upload new version)

Click on the package to download.

package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-fist-1.7.zip 1.7 2015-01-11 7.3 Akshay Hegde * Finally fixes any gist updating issues.

This version also means that if you can simply enter `let @f = "<gist url here>"` and then use the Fist of Vim's update command and have the gist updated.
vim-fist-1.6.zip 1.6 2014-12-24 7.3 Akshay Hegde * Better UX when listing gists
* Added a g:fist_dispatch variable to optionally use async when listing gists
* Fixed an issue where filename was not getting set.
* Cleaned up default maps to not use `hasmapto()` to prevent errors.
* Documentation updates
vim-fist-1.5.zip 1.5 2014-12-21 7.3 Akshay Hegde Major changes:

Fixed an issue creating a Gist with linewise motions.
Fixed several issues with updating a Gist with both normal and visual modes.
Modified all functions to be private
Updated documentation
vim-fist-1.4.zip 1.4 2014-12-19 7.3 Akshay Hegde * Add ability to list the user's gists.
* Allow users to disable Fist of Vim default mappings.
* Fix an issue where gists aren't created to the end of a line.
vim-fist.zip 1.3 2014-07-18 7.3 Akshay Hegde Major Changes:

* Added ability to define new mappings for creating/updating gists.
* Bug Fixes
vim-fist-1.2.zip 1.2 2014-06-24 7.3 Akshay Hegde Major changes:

- Fixed gisting from visual mode.
- Gisting from normal mode is now motion based (See :h vim-fist)
- You can now update your existing gists from

Minor Changes:
This plugin is now called Fist of Vim
vim-fist-1.0.zip 1.0 2014-06-24 7.3 Akshay Hegde Initial upload
ip used for rating:

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