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vtags : verdi like, verilog code signal trace and show topo script  

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created by
Jun Cao
script type
vtags is a gvim plugin, it's function similar like verdi's trace verilog signal function, this plugin writed by python, currently support: trace signal,macro define trace,show module's topology,quick access,save and opend a snapshort, add checkpiont etc.

support function and shortcut key:
    shortcut key     function
    gi                           : go into submodule
    gu                          : go upper module
    <Space><Left>     : trace source
    <Space><Right>   : trace destination
    <Space><Down>  : roll back
    <Space><Up>       : go forward
    <Space> + v          : view sidebar
    <Space> + c          : add checkpoint
    <Space> + b          : add basemodule
    <Space> + d          : delete
    <Space> +h           : hold cur window
    <Space>                : quick access
    <Space> + s          : save snapshort
    gvim/vim                : reload snapshort
detial see doc at insall file

(1)after you generate database use command "vtags" at verilog code dir, the database file will compiled at the first time when you use gvim/vim open a verilog file, so the first time open code need a little time, after that every time open code file will be very quick.
  (2)  if your design file not all use  "v"  as the postfix, you need add you own postfix at  vtags-1.xx/vim_glb_config.py line:46 support_verilog_postfix , If not, vtags will not treat other postfix other than 'v' as your design files.
        exp:   I use  xxx.v,  xxx.sv,   xxx.V,   xxx.d in my design i need set as :  support_verilog_postfix     = ['v', 'sv', 'V', 'd' ]
install details
(1)  tar -zxvf vtags-1.20.tar.gz    // unpack the file to the path you want to install. we assuming to "~/"
(2)  in  "~/.cshrc"   add line:  alias vtags 'python  ~/vtags-1.20/vtags.py'
      or  "~/.bashrc"  add line:  alias=vtags 'python  ~/vtags-1.20/vtags.py'
      "source ~/.cshrc"  or  "source ~/.bashrc"
(3)  in "~/.vimrc"  add line: source  ~/vtags-1.20/vtags_vim_api.vim
(4)  config vtags-1.20/vim_glb_config.py as it decribe in vim_glb_config.py. (can do it in local_config.py see below)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vtags-1.23.tar.gz 1.23 2017-01-22 7.3 Jun Cao fix a bug in Code.py line 465, need 'Source' but use source, if you open Debug mode may find this error.
fix a bug in Base.py line 986, add i += 1 in while loop, if your code wrong and has endmodule without module define it will loop forever.
vtags-1.22.tar.gz 1.22 2017-01-07 7.3 Jun Cao fix the bug when use <Space>B add last topo line module to base module, and refresh the topo will not work .
vtags-1.21.tar.gz 1.21 2016-12-08 7.0 Jun Cao add some optimize for trace speed and accuracy, some case pre version can not deside if source or dest current can sure is' source or dest.
vtags-1.20.tar.gz 1.20 2016-12-06 7.2 Jun Cao Initial upload
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